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Emuaid Max for Nail Fungus – Does This Stuff Actually Work?

August 13, 2018

Emuaid Max is a popular topical treatment for a number of different skin issues… But is it effective for nail fungus? Should you be applying Emuaid Max for nail fungus?

As an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, Emuaid Max is used to treat a number of different skin issues ranging from athlete’s foot, to acne, to warts, cold sores, and many more. In fact, one source that I read states that this product can treat over 75 severe skin issues. Now whether or not this statistic is true is unknown to me, but there is no doubt that Emuaid Max it’s a very versatile product.

But who cares about all these 75 skin issues… What we want to know here is whether or not it is effective at fighting off nail fungus, which is the point of this article. Is it just another scammy product like Fungus Hack, Ultra Fungus Fix, and Myco Nuker that isn’t going to work?

In short… No Emuaid Max is not a scam and yes Emuaid Max is effective. I will be going over how it actually works, side effects, what other people are saying, how to apply it to your nails and more. Overall it is a very good product.

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  • Use: Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antifungal
  • Proven Ingredients?: Yes
  • Recommended?: Yes
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How It Works

The quick summary is that it fights off bacterial and fungal infections plus it stimulates blood flow to increase the rate of the healing process. There are a number of different ingredients included in Emuaid Max but my focus here is on what I consider the 3 main ones: argentum metallicum, emu oil, and tea tree oil. I’ll go over each ingredient below along with some compelling information I’ve found in regards to their abilities to help in the fight against fungus.

Argentum Metallicum (colloidal silver)

You may not have heard of argentum metallicum before, but you probably have heard of colloidal silver. Silver has been used for thousands of years due to its health protecting properties. It was used back in the Roman times to store wine, of course it has been used forever to make eating utensils, and so on. Before the science behind it all was actually known, people knew that silver had the ability to kill disease-causing pathogens, which is why they used it.

But anyways…colloidal silver has been shown to have fungicidal properties. In this study it proved to be an effective treatment against candida albicans. The process and how it actually works can be a bit confusing, but basically the silver ions interact with the components of the fungal cells and cause them to go through a reduction process, eventually killing the harmful fungal cells.

Colloidal silver has been shown to completely wipe out fungal infections… So that they are no longer present in the body and do not come back, unless of course a new infection occurs.

Emu Oil

Emu oil comes from the emu bird of Australia. It has also been used for thousands of years as a natural treatment for a number of different things.

What is important to know about this oil is that it contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These acids are proven to help with skin health and skin repair when damaged. They are easily absorbed into the skin due to being composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

From what I understand, the emu oil is more for the absorption in healing of the infections, not so much actually fighting off the infection.

Now there is some controversy surrounding this oil because it is produced from the emu bird’s fat, which means the emu has to be killed in order to get this oil. That said…these large birds are killed for their meat and the fat used for the oil is just a byproduct, according to what I have found.

Tea Tree Oil

Like the emu oil, tea tree oil is also native to Australia. It comes from a tree that grows naturally that.

According to WebMD, tea tree oil has been shown to be as effective as benzoyl peroside for treating acne, which is often caused by fungal infections. Another study showed it is effective treating nail fungus caused by Trichophyton rubrum. In this particular study the grown on fragments and the tea tree oil was shown to reduce the growth of the fungal colonies.

The downside two tea tree oil is that there are some absorption problems. Luckily… Emu oil is one of the recommended oils to use in conjunction with tea tree oil. It helps the tea tree oil absorb more easily and fixes the problem.

All in all, these three ingredients mentioned are a very solid lineup. And besides these there are also others, such as vitamin E and Bacillus ferment, which our also proven to be effective.

Any Side Effects?

Emuaid Max is recognized as a very safe topical treatment. It can be applied to anywhere on the body and it shouldn’t cause any problems. All the ingredients are fairly well tested and are known to cause any serious problems.

At most, you might experience some slight irritation when first applying the treatment, but even this is not likely. If you do experience in orientation then simply wash the cream off and you may want to consult with a doctor after that.

As a precaution, do a quick skin patch test to play it safe. Just take a dab of Emuaid Max and apply it to a sensitive area of skin, such as the inside of the forearm. Leave it there for a half-hour and if there is no problem that you are good to go.

What Other People Are Saying

There is a plus door of reviews out there on people who have tried and tested Emuaid Max. I have scanned through hundreds of them and the overall consensus is by far that this product does indeed work. There our people using it for 100 different problems so of course you can’t take everyone’s word for it, because that problem may be very different from your nail fungus problem, but even the reviews I have found from people who have tried this product as a nail fungus treatment have been very positive.

Based on my research it seems that you should be able to start seeing results within a week. You will experience relief almost immediately, but the visual results will come in about a week’s time.

How To Apply It To Your Nails

The goal here is to get the Emuaid Max two absorbed into the infected area of the now is much as possible. To do so you will want to follow these two steps…

1) Preparation

Of course first you are going to want to clean the area up. What you want to do is cut and file your nails if need be, and then wash them the best you can. What you are trying to do here is get all the flaky dead nail off as much as you can so that when you apply the Emuaid Max more of it goes into the heart of the infection.

As a word of caution, try not to touch the infected nails with your fingers. Maybe wear gloves or something. The last thing you want is to end up with finger nail fungus.

2) Application

It is suggested that you use a Q-tip to apply the Emuaid Max. You are going to want to apply it on and around the nail as much as possible. It may absorb into the end of the nail more so than on the surface, so you may want to apply it more liberally there.

A tip I found from a review is to cut your nail at a slant so that more of the and the surface of the nail is exposed. This leads to better absorption and thus better results.

It it is recommended that you apply this at least two times per day. After it is applied, simply go about your normal day.

Final Thoughts – Should You Give Emuaid Max a Try?

If you are at your wits end with your nail fungus, maybe you have tried many treatments, maybe you haven’t tried anything but just can’t wait to get rid of the nasty infection… Either way I do believe that EmuaidMax is worth a try. In fact I would say that it is by far one of the better and I fungal products that I have found and reviewed. And for this reason I am recommending at and will be recommending it more when asked about fungal infections.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting all that much out of this product when I first came across it. You would expect a product like this, since it can be used for a number of different things and isn’t specifically formulated to fight fungal infections alone, to not be all that effective at fighting fungal infections. But of course the truth is much different. Emuaid Max seems to be very effective at fighting a number of different fungal infections and is just a great overall product that has many different uses.

If you are looking to purchase Emuaid Max I would suggest doing so on Amazon.com. You can follow the link below to purchase:

>> Purchase Emuaid MAX Here <<


Anyways… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 I hope that Emuaid Max works for you and you can soon enjoy fungal-free days at last.

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. What if the fungus may have already spread to the toes and other parts of the foot? Can emuaid max can applied to the affected skin area?

  2. I used this product before, Kyle, and it was quite effective in TREATMENT of my nail fungus, and turned the toenails pink and pretty. You mention TREATMENT often. But in making a CURE, it did not seem to work. The fungus always came back after I discontinued using, since it was looking good. Now, my question, is this just like other TREATMENTS, in that it treats but does not cure, and I will have to use this product forever, with the cost being high monetarily, or is there some way I could use it that it WOULD produce a cure? One can take shoes off morning and night, stick feet in a clean tub of soapy water, or put under spigot and wash, twice a day, then dry and apply and spray tub area with bleach; but is almost impossible to do this at lunch time, especially when working in an office, traveling, or staying as a guest in another’s house. I suspect that it was the lack of being able to do this 3 times a day that kept it from being a cure. The 3 X per day was recommended. I plan to order and try again, after giving up over the winter season, because I need to have nice toes for swimming and beaches and summer sandals. PLEASE help me figure this out. This emuaid is expensive, and may work as well as other treatments that are cheaper that don’t really CURE. Sometimes this is a planned MARKETING thing to keep customers on for life. I don’t want to do it for life. Can I apply it more strongly twice a day? What can I do? What do you suggest? I would be appreciative. Also, some typos are in your article you could easily fix, from a former newspaper editor…

  3. To truly be believable, you should first proof read your comments. The one here for Emuaid Max is LOADED with typos… You should be embarrassed for having posted this article…

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