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Is “The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet” a Scam? – REVIEWED

February 11, 2020

Does The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet really work? Is it legit? Or is it a scam that you'd be better off avoiding?

These are all important questions that should be answered... and with the promotions for this diet plan sounding a bit "too good to be true", it makes one wonder if it could be nothing more than a scam.

In this review I'll be going over what The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is, how it works and what science says about it, cost/refunds, complaints and more.

But first let's go over the background story and some of the claims that are made...

Claims Made

We are told that this new diet will...

  • "reset" your hormonal condition "in as little as one day"
  • reactivate master hormones and increase sex drive
  • make you look and feel years younger
  • boost metabolism

And supposedly with all of this you will be able to lose 1 pound per day...


All of this, AND, we are told that you can still eat carbs, cheat food, and drink alcohol...?

AND... there is "no exercise required & no willpower needed"...?


We are told that this protocol helped Shaun's 58 year old wife, Karen, lose 22 pounds from her "menopause belly". However, I recently reviewed their Over 40 Keto Solution product and he was claiming that she lost her weight from that protocol (but then again, they are almost the same thing).

Karen had cancer and the chemotherapy and other treatments used on her brought about pre-mature menopause... causing her to gain a bunch of weight.

Fear mongering... of course

There is a bunch of fear mongering in the promotional content... with them trying to scare us away from other diet solutions and making it seem as if this is the only choice available...


Apparently Shaun is the only person in the world that knows anything about hormonal imbalances, or so he claims...


And then, to make the whole background story of this diet even stranger, Shaun claims that this diet, this hormone-balancing remedy, was "long forgotten" until now...


But believe me, this has NOT been long forgotten and there is nothing in this diet plan that is a new discovery.

The marketing material is over-hyped, misleading, and even contains lies... but let's move on to the actual review and see how good this diet protocol actually works...

What Is "The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet"?

  • Product: The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet
  • Type: Weight-loss info product
  • Creator: Shaun Hadsall
  • Price: $69, but discounted


The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is a digital info product, created by Shaun and Karen Hadsall, that is focused on helping people over the age of 40 lose weight by manipulating their hormone levels.

It is promoted as a safe and effective way to lose 1 pound of body fat per day, but this shouldn't be expected.

Overall the diet isn't too bad, and has potential to work, but some of what we are told is misleading and over-hyped... and not all that well proven by science.

The Creators

Shaun and Karen Hadsall are the creators, but mainly Shaun.

Shaun and Karen Hadsall

They are both exercise technologists (which doesn't mean much) and both are big health enthusiasts. However, neither are medical professionals, just to be clear.

They have come out with a number of different weight-loss products over the years, such as 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, The Over 40 Keto Solution, etc... and these are often very similar in some ways.

What You Get

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is a digital product. After buying it you will have access to everything right away. This includes a handful of PDF ebooks.

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet

#1 - The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Manual - This is the core of what you get. It is a 50 page-long manual that goes over all you need to know about this diet plan, including how to strategically time your meals to optimize fat burning hormone production. It provides nutrition charts so that you easily know what foods you should be eating. It goes over the types of high-carb meals you should be eating, and more.

To better get an understanding of what's all included here, here is the table of contents, which will show you the focuses...

  • The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Was Created For One Reason 
  • The Backbone Of The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet (Strategic Intermittent Fasting) 
  • The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Flexible Guidelines
  • Shaun's Personal The Over 40 Hormone Reset Schedule
  • Karen's Personal The Over 40 Hormone Reset Schedule 
  • Our Guilty Pleasure (And A Quick Note About Eating Out)
  • How To Customize Your Carb Intake With The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet 
  • The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Nutrition Plan 
  • The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Recommended Nutrition Schedule 
  • The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Recommended Exercise Schedule 
  • Cheat/Free Day & Cheat Meal Guidelines
  • Other Tips To Increase Your Fat-Burning Results 

#2 - The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Follow-Along Success Tracker - This is a planner that you can print out. It tells you what you should be eating and how you should be exercising on a day-to-day basis. It's a good way to stay on track and monitor progress.

#3 - The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Quick Start Guide -  This is for people who have busy lives and would just like to know the bare essentials of the diet and what they have to do to get started. You can start out with just this if you don't feel like sifting through all the information in the full manual.

#4 - The Over 40 Hormone Reset Training Manual - This is an exercise manual that goes over how you should be working out to maximize health and fat loss. It specifically focuses on HIT workouts, which are short but intense workout regimes.

Remember how we were told "no exercise required & no willpower needed"? Ya, this doesn't exactly agree with that statement.

#5- 8 Fat-Burning Drinks That Reset Your Hormones - This, as you can imagine, goes over 8 drinks that they claim will help boost certain hormones. The list includes a variety of different drinks, including everyone's favorite... coffee! (but not just normal coffee)

#6 - Hormone-Optimized Keto Cheat Sheets - This is their little bonus for people interested in getting their body to produce more fat-burning ketones without following a low-carb keto diet. 

However, I did a review of The Over 40 Keto Solution product that they came out with and I'm not convinced it will actually work out as they claim.

Will It Really Work? - Science Weights In

This diet is based around 3 main areas from what I can tell, and it's basically the same thing as their Over 40 Keto Solution, in many ways.

These three areas include:

  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Strategically placed high carb meals
  3. Strategically placed high fat meals

The diet is largely focused on manipulating hormones by changing when you eat and what you eat at certain times.

#1 - Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is when you fast intermittently, for certain periods of the day. For example, you could go 16 hours fasting and have an 8 hour eating window.

A systemic review published in Harvard's Nutrition Source, which analyzed 40 different studies, found that the typical weight loss was about 7-10 pounds over 10 weeks. However, these studies varied greatly in terms of length. But the point is that it is pretty well proven to be effective for losing weight... and safe.

It's also worth noting that many people over the age of 40 promote this method of weight loss, and swear by the results.

#2 - Strategically Placed High-Carb Meals

The method of carb-cycling is also part of this diet protocol. Carb-cycling is when you eat varying amounts of carbs at specific times.

For example, one day might be a "high carb" or "carb loading" day, while another day might only call for low amounts of carbs.

The reason this method is promoted in this particular diet is largely due to the effects that carbs have on leptin, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism.

The idea is that high amounts of carbs will increase the production of leptin, and thus increase the metabolism. However, studies in this area aren't very conclusive, and I even came across a study from The Nutrition Source at Harvard that found opposite results... by which I mean that low carb intake was associated with higher levels of leptin. 

That said, since this is carb-cycling and there will also be days where carb intake is very low aw well as very high, I suppose it doesn't matter which is the case... because both low and high carb days are part of the protocol.

#3 - Strategically Placed High-Fat Meals

And then there are the high-fat meals that you are supposed to eat at certain times. The idea here is that if you eat high-fat meals at the right times you can get the benefits of a keto diet, with increased production of ketones in the body and more fat burning, without actually doing a full-blown keto diet that often brings about negative side-effects.

The body only goes into a ketogenic state when there aren't enough carbs to burn as fuel. And since this diet involves carb-cycling, Shaun claims that this is possible due to the strategically placed meals.

That said, I'm not so sure it will work out as he theorizes... and there have been no studies showing this particular diet to be effective in this manner.

What to Expect

One thing is for certain... you should NOT expect to "quickly see results", as you are told...


Much of what is said in the marketing material is exaggerated and not all that well-proven with science. However, the basics here are good and there is a good chance most people will see at least some results.

I, however, wouldn't count on losing 1 pound a day like they say you will. It's possible, but it will largely depend on your starting point and other variables.

Cost & Refunds

The retail price is supposedly $69, with it currently on sale for $19. 

This might just be a marketing stunt though. It seems that it may always be sold at the discount price... so don't worry about missing out on it.



On the sales page it is stated that "If you follow the Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet and you're not floored by the results and this way of living, just contact us and we'll refund every penny".

There is no mention as to how long you have to get a refund. Could you try in 3 years from now? That's how it sounds, but this seems unlikely.

Anyways... if you do buy into this and want a refund you can contact their support team at:

  • Support@GetLeanIn12.com

And yes, that is the correct email address.


Most of my complaints come down to one thing here... the misleading marketing tactics used to promote this product.

In the promotional material we are told that pretty much every other diet will not work and that this is the only option. We are also told that we "must" do this and "must" do that, without exceptions. However, this definitely is not the only diet option for people over 40, and it lacks scientific backing in some areas anyhow.

The diet itself isn't horrible, it's the deceptive marketing behind it that makes it look horrible.

Pros v Cons


  • Different from most diets - takes a different approach to losing weight
  • All natural methods
  • Low cost
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Misleading marketing material
  • Not well proven by science in some areas

Is The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet a Scam?

The diet definitely is not a scam. But I think we can all agree that the marketing material could be toned-down a bit.

There is a lot of unreasonable hype and claims that aren't all that well proven. But all-in-all it's not too bad and not a scam (depends on what your definition of a scam is too).

Verdict - Worth Buying Into?

Whether or not to buy into The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet ultimately comes down to you and how desperate you are to lose weight.

It's not proven to work as good as we are told, and lacks scientific proof in some areas, but overall it could work, especially if you have never tried a diet like this.

I think a lot of people will see some results with this diet, but I certainly wouldn't expect to lose 1 pound every day. But again, how much you lose will depend on many variables.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please share it to spread the word and leave any comments/questions below 🙂


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