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Make Moringa Powder Tea – Simple Recipe

June 12, 2018

make moringa powder teaIf you are looking to make moringa powder tea then I have a simple recipe for you that is super easy to do and that you will surely like.

We are seeing it everywhere now. Moringa tea is going mainstream and is lining up shelves at the stores. It is no wonder why. Moringa has been consumed for thousands of years and has many different health benefits ranging from hair growth to cancer prevention. There are numerous medicinal uses that moringa has which are being backed further and further by science.

Consuming moringa powder as a whole will probably give you the best bang for your buck, but making a tea with the powder. although more mild, is something you can also benefit from.


If you ask any moringa tea enthusiast out there about the benefits they have experienced I’m sure they will tell you that one is an increase in energy. Or at least this is what they should tell you if they consume enough of it and are making their tea the right way and/or buying good quality tea.

There is not any caffeine in moringa. Its supply of vitamins are likely the cause of this. Moringa supplies a good dose of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, as well as several of the B vitamins. It is also a good source of minerals.

And one thing that everyone can appreciate are the antioxidants that it naturally has. As you may know, antioxidants are what fight off free radicals which lead to cell damage and premature aging. So reducing these free radicals reduces the speed at which you age indirectly. Antioxidants keep you looking and feeling younger for longer.

In an independent study performed by Brunswick Laboratories moringa was shown to have a higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) than other teas that are praised for their antioxidant abilities, such as green tea and matcha tea.

And these are just some of the benefits. But anyway… Let’s get on to the point of this article, the making of the moringa tea.

Making Moringa Tea

I said it was going to be a simple recipe and I’m not going to let you down. This is as simple as it gets. But first things first, you’re going to need moringa powder. And don’t be too cheap here. The nutritional value of moringa can vary a good bit depending on the quality, so you don’t want to get something that is too cheap. Here is some moringa powder I recommend.

After you have your moringa powder you have several options. I would recommend either using a coffee maker or empty teabags.

If you have a coffee maker then it is very simple. Simply replace the ground coffee with moringa powder inside the coffee filter and the rest of the process is the same as if you are making coffee.

If you have empty teabags than simply fill them up with moringa powder and allow them to steep for several minutes in water after bringing it to a boil.

You could potentially use a tea infuser but this would not be recommended. Usually these have fairly large holes and the moringa powders out there on the market are too finely ground, which will lead to moringa powder being everywhere in your tea instead of just the flavor and nutrients.


The truth is that moringa does not taste good at all. If anyone tells you that they actually like the taste of moringa then they are either lying or a bit crazy. What you now need to do is add some additional flavor to the mix.

If you want to keep things super simple then I would suggest adding a few drops of lemon and honey as you feel fit.

If you want to take it the extra mile you could also add other teas in with the moringa tea either in the coffee maker or in the teabag before brewing/steeping. Chai, pomegranate, mandarin orange, are some pretty popular additions that I have seen with moringa that you could give a try.

Preperation For Whole Moringa Leaves

If you have a moringa tree looking to make moringa tea with leaves that you harvest yourself you can do this pretty easily as well.

What you are first going to want to do is pick mature leaves from the tree. You are then going to have to let these leaves dry and for this I would suggest letting them air dry in the shade. You could let them dry in the sun but the sun’s rays have been shown to destroy some of the nutrient profile.

After they are dry you can use a variety of different methods to grind/crush up the leaves into a powder. You could use a blender if you want or you could just crush them up by hand. Since we are just making tea here you really do not have to have them ground into a fine powder.

Reader Suggestions

I welcome all suggestions from readers. If you have experience making moringa tea and have some simple recipes you would like to share I would appreciate it if you left them down in the comments section below. Also, feel free to come back after you have tried the above mentioned recipe and leave a comment.

If you have any questions about anything you can also leave them down in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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