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Is Fungus Eliminator a Scam? – What You Should Know

August 5, 2019

Does Fungus Eliminator really have the "secret" to curing your toenail fungus? Or is this just another scam that is going to get your hopes up for nothing?

With all the scammy supplements out there you can never be too sure, which is why I decided to do my own research and write this review.

In this review I'll be going over what exactly Fungus Eliminator is, some of the lies we are told about it, whether or not the ingredients will actually work, concerns and more.


What Is Fungus Eliminator?

  • Name: Fungus Eliminator
  • Type: Anti-fungal supplement
  • Manufacturer: Pure Health
  • Price: Varies depending on quantity bought
  • Recommended?: Not really
  • Where to Buy: Click here
Fungus Eliminator


Fungus Eliminator is an antifungal supplement by Pure Health for fighting toenail fungus, which is a bigger problem than most people probably realize.

This supplement takes a different approach than most to getting rid of this problem, which I like. However, overall there are some downsides and I will not be recommending this to my readers, for good reason.

But before we get into all of that, let's take a look at the sales pitch and some of the lies and misleading information we are told...

The Sales Pitch

There are 2 different versions of the sales pitch that I came across, but there might be more floating around the internet that I don't know about.

There is the video version about how a "Toenail Fungus Discovery Is Leaving Doctors Speechless"...


... and then there is the written text copy, which is the same thing just in text format...


Starts Off With The Typical Near-Death Experience

Like most over-the-top and scammy sounding sales pitches for health supplements, this one starts off with a near-death experience--where the spokesman's wife had a heart attack which all stemmed from her bad case of toenail fungus.

And of course his "miracle antifungal breakthrough" was what cured her and saved here live.


Fear Mongering... As Expected

Right on que... You are told that problems like this are more common than you think and that even a small case of toenail fungus can be life-threatening.


And while this isn't a lie... it is misleading and is worded in a way to make us fear for our lives... and of course buy into the supplement that is being promoted.

A Far-Away "Secret Remedy"

And as always... the remedy is some "secret" that comes from a far-away land and has been used for ages...


And it can work in JUST 12 DAYS... with NO SIDE EFFECTS... so we are told anyhow.

As the story goes... farmers in Bangladesh who spend hours each day walking through the marshland in bare feet should be covered in toenail fungus, but they aren't thanks to a "secret" mixture of ingredients that they consume.

"Joseph Owens" Is Likely a Fake

There is a good chance that the entire story about "Joseph Owens" and his wife almost dying is completely made-up.

What I do know for certain is that the images shown of him are fake, and I'll prove it to you.

Here is the one image from the written sales copy...

fungus eliminator joseph owens

And after doing a quick reverse Google image search I was able to find that this is actually a stock photo available on Shutterstock...


And the same goes for the image of Joseph shown in the video presentation.

fungus eliminator joseph owens

Above is what we are shown, and below is what I found after doing another reverse Google image search... another stock photo available for anyone to purchase...


*I know that second photo isn't exactly identical, but it is of the same person, whom there are lots of stock photos of online.

Lots of Red Flags

The entire sales pitch is over-the-top, the backstory might be completely made-up along with this "Joseph Owens" character... not looking good right off the bat.

They tell us that the pharmaceutical companies know this real cure to Fungus but want to keep it a secret so that they can continue to sell their overpriced products... and while I don't trust the big pharmaceutical companies all that much, what I trust EVEN LESS is misleading promotions like this.

But anyways... let's take a look at the actual supplement here. Let's look at the ingredients and see if they can actually help.


Fungus Eliminator Ingredients
Probiotic Blend

Probiotics are something you see promoted quite a bit from alternative medicine sites when it comes to fighting toenail fungus and a variety of other problems.

There are many different kinds of probiotics, as you can see included in this blend, and they are bacteria that is considered "good" and beneficial in our guts.

While the connection that probiotics have with fungal infections is very understudied, one likely way in which they work is by overpowering the bad bacteria that help feed fungal infections... and by strengthening the immune system.

The big selling point that Pure Health really pushes is how probiotics can help strengthen your immune system, which then gives you body a better chance of fighting off fungal infections.

This has been found to be true in some studies, such as a 2018 study published in the journal Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology that found probiotics to be "safe and effective for fighting the common cold and influenza-like respiratory infections by boosting the immune system".

Boosting the immune system can, in theory, help fight off any sort of infection.

The Downside - The big downside is that there is nothing included in this supplement that is going to neutralize your stomach acid to help the probiotics reach your GI tract unharmed, which is a major problem.

The reason probiotics are often sold mixed in with yogurt is because of this exact reason... the yogurt helps neutralize the stomach acid.

According to Science Daily, probiotic numbers are "dramatically diminished by the stomach's acidity", which is less that a pH of 3.

It's also worth mentioning that this supplement only contains 250 mg of probiotics, which isn't all that much.


Turmeric is called the "special ingredient" in the sales pitch.

One of turmeric's most notable properties is its ability to reduce inflammation. It is a pretty well known powerful anti-inflammatory, largely due to a compound it contains called curcumin.

Inflammation is a natural immune response, and is a good thing, but often times is prolonged and gets out of control, and this is when it gets "bad".

On WebMD I also found that studies suggest curcumin changes the responses our immune systems have, such as by blocking arthritis causing enzymes.

The Downside - This supplement contains 450 mg of 'turmeric'... the problem with this is that there is no indication this turmeric is an extract in concentrated form.

From the sounds if it this is just regular old turmeric that you can purchase at the grocery store for cooking.

A good turmeric supplement will be concentrated to about 95% curcuminoids... which is what you want. 


Bioperine's purpose here is to increase the absorption of turmeric, which is not easily absorbed by the body naturally... which is the reason you often see turmeric with bioperine in supplements.

There is a lot of evidence that bioperine (which is peperine) can do this, however the information they present to us is misleading.

In the sales pitch we are told it can increase turmeric's absorption by 2,000%...!!...


And while I am familiar with the study that shows this being true... it is just one study and others have not even come close to replicating the results.

That said, bioperine definitely is a good ingredient that helps.


The cost per bottle varies... the more you buy the bigger discount you get, as expected.

If you just buy one bottle it is $67, but they also have a 3 and 6 bottle deal for discounts as you can see here...



They state that they offer a 365 day money-back guarantee where you can get a full refund if you don't see results...


However, after reading their return policy it seems that it might be harder to get a refund than it appears at first.

You will have to call in to get a RMA# and for the return address. Now I'm definitely not saying that it is going to be difficult for certain, but why not just provide the return address and is a RMA# really necessary?

This seems like just an extra unnecessary step to drag out and complicate the return process.

And I also find it hard to believe that they can offer such a return policy with the ingredients included here and the likelihood of them not working that great.


The biggest concern I have when it comes to a supplement like this and the misleading way in which it is promoted is whether or not you can trust the company.

The quality of the ingredients can make all the difference in the world and if you buy cheap supplements from an untrustworthy company you might be getting poor quality ingredients.

The company behind Fungus Eliminator is PureHealth Research and their address is listed as:

5501 Merchants View Square
#804 Haymarket, VA 20169

I was not able to find any company listing with the BBB and, all-in-all, not much information on this company at all.

If you go to purehealthresearch.com you can read about them on their "about us" page, but they basically just say everything that a potential customer wants to hear... that all the ingredients are scientifically tested and are included in the right amounts, that they only use the "purest" natural ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis, etc.

I don't see anything alarming, yet I don't really see anything that proves this to be the top-notch trustworthy company they claim to be.

Pros v Cons


  • Natural ingredients
  • No harsh side effects


  • Misleading promotions
  • Small company lacks credibility
  • Pricey
  • Probiotics will likely be killed by stomach acid

Is Fungus Eliminator a Scam?

I wouldn't call this a scam, but I can understand why some people might be calling it such.

As far as I see, what we have here is another over-hyped supplement that isn't going to be nearly as good as it is promoted as being... similar to Fungus Hack and Fungus Clear.

Yes, the marketing is definitely over-the-top and even a bit 'shady' with all of the lies we are told... but I'm not going to be calling it a scam by any means.

Conclusion - Worth a Try?

I'm not going to be recommending Fungus Eliminator mainly because I have concerns about the ingredients' potential effectiveness.

If the turmeric was concentrated and they included some sort of protectant ingredient for the probiotics to make their way into your GI tract then I might recommend it... but they don't.

I like how this supplement takes a completely different approach to fighting toenail fungus compared to most, but it is still lacking in my opinion.

That said, the choice is yours, and if you still want to you can purchase it on the official website here.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below. I like to hear feedback from my readers 🙂

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. Very good information. You just saved me $70.
    What do you know about UN Synbiotics 365?
    I used this product for 90 days, $130, I want to believe it made me healthier, but not sure. I did notice that my decade long experience with toenail fungus is dramatically clearing up. I’m hesitant about re-ordering a new supply.
    What does Kyle say?

  2. Thank you for the review of Fungus Eliminator…I almost bought a 3 month supply…Do you have a suggestion for toenail fungus?? Please look into Synbiotics 365…

    1. Try tea tree oil. It is a product from Australia. It really does kill fungus of many varieties. I have been using it on the toe nail that has it for the last 9 months. Each month I take a photograph and you can see them on the url above. There is clear visible improvement. Toe nails grow at a fraction of the rate of fingernails. I estimate it will take another 9 months

  3. I have been using this Fungus Eliminator product for 2 months,
    and am about to order my 3rd bottle, because after 15 years or so
    of trying to eliminate this affliction, this product showed results
    after the 1st bottle, moreso with the 2nd, and I am thinking that
    the 3rd will finalize it… I saw my podiatrist and he was amazed and impressed, took a photo of the bottle, and did comment on the
    improvement at that time, which was during the 2nd bottle.

    So, if it works for me, after such tenacity, for years, it COULD
    conceivably work for someone else… it is worth a one bottle

  4. Thank you for the info I was looking . It sounds like too good to be true What put a red flag up for me How long had to take it Is there anything that works out there?

  5. Finally a very well written review that scam alerts don’t usually do. They usually end up being sponsored indirectly by the company and support all the claims. Very thought provoking and helpful Thank you.Bev

  6. anonymous
    Jul 31
    I used Lamisal for a year- it didn’t totally go away. I tried tea tree oil- but the smell makes me sick…I’ve been using real honey (it’s an anti-fungal) 10 minutes & wash- plus it gives a feeling a well being, for real! They’re about 1/2 grown out now, so finger’s crossed it works this time!

  7. Thank you for posting your thoughtful review of a probable scam remedy. Given the disclaimer that I am a biochemist and not a podiatrist, My comments are: 1) I doubt that a healthy immune system could cure an established case of toenail fungus, because the fungus is residing in an area with very little circulation, and that organism is evolutionarily well-adapted to live in that environment. 2) My podiatrist gave the following estimates of success rates for curing toenail fungus (if I remember correctly): something like 5% or less for topical ointments, 50% for oral antifungals, and 60% or more for the combination of oral antifungals and laser treatment (basically localized heating to destroy the pathogen). My point is that nail fungus is very difficult to eliminate. A person may think they have cured it when they have only suppressed the symptoms (yellow nails). Fortunately, oral drugs such as terbinafine are relatively non-toxic to humans. 3) There are only two types of medical treatments, those that have been proven to work (objective double-blind studies), and those that have not been proven to work. As someone who has worked in biochemistry research for over 40 years, I can assure you that touted “conspiracies” do not exist. There are no “miracle remedies” that leave doctors or researchers “speechless.” (laughing would be more likely) If a so-called miracle herbal cure for (pick one: baldness, impotence, nail fungus, diabetes) actually did work, my M.D. physician would prescribe it and still see plenty of patients and still make plenty of money. 4) I do not blindly trust any corporation, but at least “Big Pharma” is required by law to prove that their drugs are safe and effective. It is not always perfect, but I contrast that with herbals and supplements. The DSHEA Act of 1994 specifically exempted the supplement industry from actually testing their products. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dietary_Supplement_Health_and_Education_Act_of_1994) That is a major reason why consumers are swindled out of billions of dollars every year on quack cures. When you see language like “boosts the immune system” or “detoxifies” this or that, you can bet it’s a scam. Ask any Ph.D. toxicologist about internet remedies that “detoxify” and he/she will likely just roll their eyes (or laugh). Best wishes and thanks again for your posting.

  8. You started out so strong, why did you just seem to fizzle in the end? You know those ingredients simply won’t stop the fungus, or any fungus from growing. You have to do better than that!!!

  9. I enjoyed you article on Fungus Eliminator and appreciate your knowledge on the components that are portrayed to make this product a go-to. Todays advertisement make it difficult to read between the lines. You have shared your concerns and I agree the integrity of the ingrediencies of the product should be quantified.

  10. It’s like a breath of fresh air to hear such a straight forward opinion expressed with no animosity or one sided on the pro side! Getting the probiotics past the stomache acids. Talk to some scientists and see if you can’t get an easy way to do this. Wouldn’t you agree? Thanks, David, in southwest Florida.

  11. Congratulations to author Kyle for his excellent dissection of “Fungus Eliminator”. As I have low tolerance for endless “talking head ” videos, I just read the ad. Tendentious and exaggerated would in my opinion be too kind a description. Sadly, the web is stuffed with crap like this. They all follow the same pattern, whether the topic is nail fungus, hair loss, ED, BPH and so forth typically targeted at older men. There are of course similar ads targeted at women. The peddlers of such garbage should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. Agree with you totally. There are too many of these scam cure-all products that prey on unknowledgeable people. Toenail fungus might be unsightly and annoying, but not deadly as ad
    implies. Thank you for your info.

  13. Thanks Kyle for your insight, research and detailed article about this product. Tineye is another site that is helpful to see how many times a picture has popped up on the Internet. Your investigative journalism is very much needed in our society where fear tactics are used for one’s own personal and monetary gain. Keep up the great work!

  14. I enjoy reading your review on this product. Help me as far as purchasing it for my personal use. I will not be buying this product. Thank you for clarifying my concerns.

  15. Thank you for helping us to not waste our time and money on another product that probably will not work. Do you recommend any products that you believe work for fungal infections? Beta Glucan 1/3, 1/6? Transfer Point?
    Thank you,

  16. Thanks Kyle. You were fair in your evaluation of this product.
    Personally, I am amazed at the over dramatic, lengthy ”health” videos pouring out of the USA. They have me yawning after a few minutes! They all seem to have the same boring stamp. By contrast, If something really works well, it should only need a brief sincere explanation, or best of all come to us through word of mouth, preferably of someone we trust, who has found relief from the product. Even then, what works for one person may not work for another, so we should never push people to use a “remedy” or so called “ wonder cure” However, encouraging folk to do research into their own health issues is better, as they can’t blame you for wasting their money on pricey, ineffective products! Thanks again for a balanced review.

  17. If this stuff can work in 12 days and there are 30 pills in one bottle, why would you need more than one bottle at most? One should see evidence of progress after two 12-day applications, wouldn’t one?

  18. This was very helpful! My husband has suffered from toenail fungus for 20 years and it has gotten worse. I keep looking for a “cure” I feel bad for him and want an answer.

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