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Tinnitus 911 Is a Scam! – EXPOSED In This Review

November 12, 2018

Tinnitus 911 is said to be a "cure all" to tinnitus, but is it really? Will this supplement really perform miracles and get rid of that annoying ringing sound in your ears... or is true what some people are saying... that Tinnitus 911 is a scam?

They say that 90% of tinnitus treatments out there do not work, but will this one finally do the trick? Is this the treatment you have been waiting for like they tell you?

Well… In this review I'm going to be going over everything you need to know about this particular supplement. Will it work? It might, it might not. There is no doubt that this is a very overhyped product that isn't the miracle is claimed to be, however there are some upsides to it and some users will likely see positive effects after taking it.

In this short review I'll cover what exactly it is, some of the claims made and red flag is raised, I'll go over each of the ingredients, what real users are saying about it, complaints and more.

Tinnitus 911 Review

Name: Tinnitus 911

Official Website: Click Here

Type: Tinnitus treatment supplement

Manufacturer: Phytage Labs

Price: Varies

Recommended?: Not really. You will see why

Tinnitus 911

What Is Tinnitus 911?

So as you are probably already well aware, Tinnitus 911 is a supplement that is intended to treat tinnitus.

What is tinnitus? It's is something else you are probably well aware of, or at least I would assume so, but it is a condition that involves ringing in the ears when there is not any auditory sound present. Basically it is your ears playing tricks on you and in some cases can be incredibly hard to deal with.

The reason I am reviewing Tinnitus 911 in the first place is because there are very bold claims made about this supplement. It is promoted as a sort of "cure all" and this is very hard to believe since tinnitus can have many different causes.

Overall, based on my research I think that this supplement does have the potential to work for some people, but it is not something that I am recommending and you will see why throughout this review.

Claims Made

There are probably several different video presentations out there promoting Tinnitus 911. Maybe you came across one or maybe you didn't. 

The promotional video I came across was presented by some guy named "Charlie Gaines" who supposedly suffered some tragic story about how he lost everything and then stumbled upon some 100% natural cure to tinnitus. He tells you that everything in the story is true, but this is a lie in of itself.

I'm not going to discuss the entire sales pitch and everything that was said in the ridiculously long video presentation, but basically he claims that this 100% natural cure you came across works flawlessly and can even work with in a few days.

Also, in addition to fixing your tinnitus problem, it also reduces or even eliminates degenerative brain problems such as dementia.

But as I said, when he tells you that the story is true he is lying. 

Red Flags

There are a heck of a lot of red flags throughout the promotional video and if you watch to yourself I am sure you agree with me on this. It just seems a little bit too good to be true and is definitely a bit unbelievable.

Also, I did some thinking around and found out that "Charlie Gaines" himself is actually not who he says he is. I've reviewed similar overhyped products with ridiculous sales pitch is in the past, so I knew what to look for. I ended up doing a reverse Google image search for the man showed in the video presentation and found that is actually nothing more than a stock photo that anyone can purchase online…

Tinnitus 911 Charlie Gaines

In other words, this is NOT "Charlie Gaines".

After figuring this out for myself, I found that they actually tell you this in the disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page. As you can see below, they actually tell you that Charlie Gaines is just a pen name…

So what can you believe and what can you believe? Or the ingredients in this supplement even going to do anything for you?

Well… Let's take a look…

A Look at the Ingredients

You can see a screenshot I took off the ingredient label below…


Will these ingredients fixture tinnitus once and for all? I'll go over each of them individually… One thing you will notice is that pretty much all of these ingredients are packed with antioxidants. This is good because tinnitus is sometimes caused by damaged structural and functional cellular components due to free radicals, which antioxidants fight against.

  • Vitamin C (60mg)
    • We have all heard of vitamin C before, but is it going to be the cure? Well, I did find a reference to study that shows patients taking an antioxidant rich cocktail of natural ingredients, including vitamin C, was able to reduce tinnitus.
    • Vitamin C is needed for a lot of things in your body, some of which include the formation of blood vessels, muscle and cartilage. It is also a powerful antioxidant and its antioxidant powers may be what make it somewhat effective as a tinnitus treatment.
  • Vitamin B--6 (5mg)
    • Vitamin B-6 it is important for cognitive development, immune system function, protein metabolism in the heck of a lot more. According to the National Institutes of Health it is involved with over 100 enzyme involved reactions
    • There is some controversy surrounding whether or not it helps. People on the Tinnitus Talk forum claim that it can possibly make some people's tinnitus worse. It it is rare, but I guess some people can have negative reactions if they take too much and have to limit themselves
  • Niacin (2.5mg)
    • This it is just a fancy name for it vitamin B3, which helps with healthy cholesterol levels, is good for your skin, and is important for proper brain function.
    • The reason this could be an effective treatment for tendinitis is because it helps to increase blood flow to small areas like the inner ear.
  • Folic Acid (100mcg)
    • Folic acid helps in the production of new cells and is very important for red blood cell production.
    • I did find a bit of information about how this benefits tinnitus, but the source was not very reliable and seemed to be too focused on promoting another tinnitus supplement. But of course this doesn't mean that it does not work or help.
  • B-12 (100mcg)
    • Vitamin B 12 is something that I was able to find some scientific information on relating to tinnitus. There was a study of 139 elderly patients, of which 58.3% had tinnitus. Of those who had tinnitus there was found to be a significantly lower amount of vitamin B12 levels, suggesting that deficiency in this vitamin could lead to this horrible condition.
    • On the downside, this only provides you with 100mcg per dose, which although is more than the daily recommended value, really isn't all that much because this vitamin is verily poorly absorbed. Some people recommend taking as much as 1000mcg per day just so that you can absorb the recommended value.
  • Garlic (150mg)
    • The idea behind putting garlic in this supplement is that it will help improve your condition by increasing blood flow to the cochlea, which could be the cause of your tinnitus
  • Hibiscus Flower (100mg)
    • Hibiscus is packed with loads of antioxidants, it helps lower blood pressure, boosts your liver health, however… I can't find anything directly related to how can help with tinnitus
    • That said, the fact that is packed with antioxidants alone should have a positive effect
  • Olive Leaf 18% Extract (125mg)
    • Olive leaf extract can help boost your immune system, worked as an anti-inflammatory and then antioxidant, and is even said to help fight herpes
    • One of the referenced articles I looked into was on MedlinePlus.gov, where it was suggested that it could help treat tinnitus. However, they suggested that it be applied topically and I don't know how well it would work being ingested.
  • Hawthorne Berry 1.8% Extract (175mg)
    • While I can't find any direct evidence on this ingredient relating to tinnitus, it does have a lot of antioxidants in it so it does have potential
  • Buchu Leaves 4:1 Concentrate (25mg)
    • Buchu leaves can be used to treat inflammation, urinary tract infections, and even STD's.
    •  There it is definitely a lack of scientific information on this particular ingredient, so there is not all that much I say.
  • Uva Ursi 4:1 Concentrate (15mg)
    • I wasn't able to find any good information on this ingredient either, but one thing, which was rather fondly, that I came across was that taking too high of doses can actually cause tinnitus. I found this information on ScienceDirect.com
  • Juniper Berry (15mg)
    • another ingredient common in folk medicines - used in treatment of a variety of conditions - infections, digestion issues, skin deformations, joint pain, etc
    • often sold in the essential oil form and did find some information on how it can possible help to relieve tinnitus
    • Juniper Berry is in ingredient that is common in folk medicines. It is used to treat a variety of conditions including infections, digestive issues, skin deformations, joint pain, and more.
    • This it is often sold in the essential oil form and that did find some information on it being able to relieve tinnitus, but I'm not sure how well it will work being digested.
  • Green Tea 50% Extract (15mg)
    • We all know what green tea is and you are probably well aware of its powerful antioxidant benefits, which are often said to help fight against aging and can even promote a healthier mind.
    • With lots of antioxidants this ingredient is something that is nice to see and could potentially have a positive effect

Will These Ingredients Work?

While most of the ingredients included in this supplement are either proven to work to some extent, or at least have potential, this is not the "cure all" miracle supplement that is promoted as.

One thing that you have to realize is that many people, who are suffering from tinnitus, are already benefiting from many of these ingredients. Vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B12, garlic, and green tea are all things that many people probably already get enough of… Yet you still might have tinnitus. So what's the deal?

I'm not saying that this supplement is not going to work, but I am saying that it is overhyped and isn't going to be a sure way to cure tinnitus.


Side Effects

Luckily there aren't really any side effects that are going to have to worry about. This is a 100% natural supplement and there are no "crazy" ingredients included that are going to make your body wonder what the heck is going on.

All in all, this is a very mild supplement.

Of course I do have to say that you should always talk to your doctor first before taking something like this however.

What Real Users Are Saying

What are people who have actually taken the supplement saying about it? Are they all saying that it has cured there tonight is in that is the greatest thing ever?

Unfortunately… The answer is no.

This supplement is actually sold in a number of places, including on Amazon. On Amazon I skimmed through the reviews and found that many people are saying to avoid it, calling it things like a scam and an "expensive hoax"…

There are some people that claim that has worked for them, but all in all… The reviews are not that great on this product.

Beware of Fake Reviews!

Which brings me to my next point… Beware of the fake reviews!

I came across quite a few different fake reviews out there claiming that this is the greatest tonight's cure to ever exist. However, the people making these reviews are just promoting it so that they can make a quick buck.

Take for example the YouTube video I found below. The woman in this video claims that Tinnitus 911 is the greatest and that it cured her tinnitus, yet she is actually a paid actress that is available for hire on the website Fiverr (a digital freelance marketplace)…

And this is just one example… There are plenty more out there.

Scam or Not?

Is it a scam like some of the other tinnitus products I've reviewed?... like for example Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

I would not call Tinnitus 911 an outright scam, because I do believe it has the potential to work for some people. It is packed with a lot of good ingredients that are very high in antioxidants among other things that could possibly have a positive effect on tinnitus.

The "scammy" part about it all is how it is being promoted. It is promoted in a very misleading way and giving people false hope. That is why I am warning people about it. It depends on how you look at things but in some ways this is a scam in my opinion.

Why I Don't Really Recommend It

Not only do I not really recommended because of the deceptive promotion going on for this product, but it is also rather expensive and without a doubt overpriced.

For example, on the official website it costs $69.95 for one bottle, but when you order four bottles the price per bottle drops down to $49.95.

How is it even possible that they have this much room to move the price around… Dropping it down from $69.95 to $49.95? The answer is that it was massively overpriced in the first place.

That said, if you are desperate and want to give Tinnitus 911 a chance and see if it works for you, you can purchase Tinnitus 911 on the official website here

I hope you enjoyed my honest review and found it helpful. Please leave any questions or comments down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. I have taken Tinnitus 911 for about 3 months and if anything the ringing in my ears is louder. So I would not reorder or recommend this product.

  2. I am really with you, but there is the offer from the company of a return of your money within 90 days, if the product does not work for you plus a 100 $ for your willingness to try the product.
    I feel, this shets a better light on Tinnitus 911

    1. If you read the Amazon reviews there’s dozens telling us that there is no real money back service. That part was a lie. People tried to get the money but found no address and no person answering the phone to get their money back. That alone for me is enough to tell me it’s a scam.

    1. Sorry, I cannot say definitively…;yet I have to say since I’ve leaned to getting my Magnesium levels up higher and enough fiber in my diet, many things, including ear ringing seems much better. It seems to me that my ears ring more when I’m dealing with something my body needs to get rid of. Listen to your body, It is likely that taking juniper berry is going to be hard to digest. I have a GERD tendency, so that doesn’t look too appealing to me. A Dr DEAN strongly promoted her supplements leaning to this Magnesium concern. I’ve found Magnesium Orotate the easiest and most cost-effective source. Ome may need to acidify a bit with the likes of orange juice or vinegar, or I also like a bit of the bottles Magnesium citrate for around $1. Another system cleanser that is easy to take is Modified Citrus Pectin. (Be careful though, MCP is also a brand of common pectin used to can fruit.) If you want more scientific details about why magnesium can help, look for a Youtube named Misled and Misfed. Above all though, ~listen~ to your body and go easy on stuff.

    2. I had tinnitus for the last five years or more. Drove me crazy and caused me insomnia. I bought a book : Mitochondria and the future of medicine. Read it and followed its recommendations. I cannot remember when it stopped. I do have some issues like white noises but these happened only when I switched on the fan and/ or the air conditioner.
      These are the supplements that I added to my regiment ( I am taking quite a few as I am an ankylosing Spondylitis patient) :
      Fermented beet powder from Dr Mercola
      500 mg CoQ10 : 300mg in the morning/ 200mg at dinner time
      400 mg Ubiquinol ( reduced CoQ10) : 200mg am/ pm
      Astaxanthin 12 mg
      Mixed tocotrienols/ tocopherols
      Fermented turmeric
      5 grams Vitamin C in 5 divided doses
      Pure cocoa powder 5 grams 5 times a day
      Green tea powder 5 grams 5 times a day
      Well that it.
      Give it a try

  3. We offer a money back guarantee within the first 90 days. The ingredients (which are not fully listed in this review), have been scientifically backed to relieve symptoms of tinnitus, in scientific studies, but we do not claim this as a cure all.

      1. Kyle seems to be trying to be honest and fair. As for America, it is just a slice across the breadth of humanity, in general.

        1. Well Walter Lewelt,
          Hears your cure. A One time expense, maybe as much as $750. to $1200. .
          1 – Get on a plane or ship and leave.
          Do NOT come back or your symptoms may return.
          2 – Grow up, find a way to help. Where ever you go your gonna find people that think your a useless, complaining idiot.
          Because you want others to think for you.
          That's where I come in.
          "Read and follow step 1 then step 2."
          *Continue to repeat until you run out of places to go and people that would rather you think for yourself.
          **Last resort, eat twenty pounds of hard rocks and leave the planet.

  4. I tried Tinnitus 911…twice. I ordered 2 bottles the first time and then 3 bottles the second time because I wanted to make sure I was taking it every single day. It did not work for me. I wished it would have. I really should have been able to return my bottles for the full refund but I was so disappointed I just threw them away. Very sad.

  5. I’ve had tinnitus as long as I can remember and I’ve started to lose my hearing now so it’s tempting to believe anything that can promise relief. Thank you for your honest review of Tinnitus 911. You’ll probably save a lot of people a lot of money!

  6. Thanks for an honest and thorough review. I was pretty sure this product bordered on a scam. I’m glad I took the time to dig deeper.


  8. My husband has severe ringing of the ears, severe dizziness with falls, and can not hear. He purchased hearing aids at 5,600.00 that do not seem to help much. He is extremely frustrated with his hearing loss, and investing in a supplement that is expensive seems to good to be true. I am on the fence about trying these “miracle supplements”. Even with money back gaurantee I would be responsible for return shipping. Another red flag?

  9. Hi Kyle
    Thank you for your research on Tinitus 911. I purchased this product 4 bottles and it did not work. It said if it did not work you could get your money back but from what I read that may also be untrue. I was desperate to get rid of the ringing and decided to try. I have learned now not to buy products on line anyway. The story I read was written by a man that he claimed his wife suffered from tininus and it started to affect her in other ways. And it was very long winded. They spoke about that they put the ingredients together themselves and the struggles they had along the way etc etc. Finally they got their product manufactured.
    Kind regards

  10. So much wrong wording, must be using spell check or something like it. I won’t be ordering tinnitus 911 any way. Too expensive for me.

  11. G’Day….I am in Australia I bought over $600 (AU) worth of Tinnitus 911 hoping for the miracle cure. Absolutly nothing…..ringing still in the ears. The capsules look very much like my wifes Cellium Husk capsules. I think they are playing on the desperation of people wanting to get rid of the ringing in the ears, and they know we will go to any lengths to do this….hence the 100% scam. They even rang me from USA the next day and tried to sign me up to over $2,500 worth of other drugs. Thanx for helping people like us with the heads up (but found you a bit late for me)…..we need people like you.
    Cheers….John Hogbin, Armidale NSW Aus.

  12. Hi Kyle
    Thank you for this. I was about to take a risk and order this product for my son. I tried to find it on Amazon but, although included in the list, it doesn’t appear to be available to order. Probably due to the bad reviews? You mention that you have reviewed other treatments for tinnitus. Have you come to a conclusion that any of them are really worth trying? Best wishes Bob Galvin

    1. Hi Bob. Unfortunately I haven’t found any product that I’d feel good promoting. But when I do, rest assured I will let everyone know.

      1. Kyle, thanks for your time and let us to know about this product, now I see another product call SONUS COMPLETE, I think is the same product like Tinittus 911, they have the same stories different actor, same ingredients, I don’t think so is a cure or solution for this disease.

  13. Over the last year I have come across quite a few “miracle” products for various “serious” conditions, and although I am not anti-American, a lot of them come from America. Typically, most of the videos and articles take far too much time to get through, and that is an obvious sign of what your are looking at. The mysterious Charlie Gaines is a case in point, as he begins by telling you his story will take “a few moments”, but it must be getting on for at least an hour in length. Also typically, these adverts (which they are!) are very repetitive, and the “authors” talk an awful lot, for an awfully long time. The criticize any “agency” that is trying to make a lot of money out of the unsupported public, but at the end of the day that is all they are looking to do for themselves. This is the usual nature of such scams. We all want good, helpful news, but it is human nature to prey on the unsuspecting, and particularly if they have some kind of real need. This approach to people’s real problems is that of a charlatan, (dictionary definition as follows) quack, mountebank, sham, fraud, fake, humbug, impostor, pretender, masquerader, hoodwinker, hoaxer, cheat, deceiver, dissembler, double-dealer, double-crosser, trickster, confidence trickster, cheater, swindler, fraudster, racketeer; rogue, villain, scoundrel.

  14. The FDA needs to investigate snake oil sales. It should be mandatory that sellers and Mfg’s send product info to FDA prior to offering to the public. The FDA could fund their program through massive fines. Products must reveal where MFG’d. So much for the so called Consumer Protection Agency.
    At least with the internet, you can research to your hearts content.
    If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
    You would think the scientific community could figure this tinnitus out with so many people that suffer this infliction.
    I spent 30 years in US Naval aviation around jets and on carriers. I live with tinnitus, too. I new for a long time now that it is not the ears as it is in the brain. With all the electronic frequencies in the air, who knows if that isn’t a contributor. The electromagnetic noise coming off high power electric lines near dams reflect the same noise in my head. The constant hum can be irritating to say the least. RF emminating through the airwaves every where should be of concern. But, the government will never admit it. The cost to technology would cripple the economy..
    Just some things to think about. RF poisoning is a real deal. It burns you from the inside out. How do we know that cell signals and Wi-Fi aren’t contributing?
    Just something to think about.

  15. Thank you very much saved me a lot of money, and made me learn more about Vitamins etc. I have B52 bomber tinnitus, a pacemaker that I am not responding to, Diabetes, Poor eye issue. But apart from that i love humour have a look at welsh and witty its funny. Cheers. Ted

  16. These sites are really hard to take. They have no conscience, they will prattle on for 20 mins or
    more, raving about something that’s unique and only available through them. They are like a site that says, ‘ guess what. I was down at that little Mall by the gas station today and whilst I couldn’t believe it at first I saw this guy and when I went to meet him, he said he was Jesus’, but he didn’t want me to tell the world as he was going to do it himself when he got settled. Imagine creating a site where you would say all would be revealed in the near future and all you had to do was send some money to book a seat at the stadium!
    My Dad had Tinnitus and I’ve had it for the past 50 years so I think I’ll be taking it to the grave when it will stop forever–can’t use that as an advert!

  17. Bought 4 bottles $199.80. No help whatsoever. Informed them several times and asked for full refund. They offer 50%. Still waiting for justice.

  18. I also tried this product in part because of their money back guarantee. Didn’t work at all and when I reached out to them – NO reply

  19. I have taken Tinnitus 911 for 90 days and have had no favorable results. If anything the ringing is worse than it was when I started taking it.

  20. This review, complete with typos, reads like a scam promotion for products like the o e being reviewed.
    Why bother? Click bait and personal details harvesting probably.

  21. Hi Kyle..thank you for doing this marvelous research..I’ve had ringing in my ears for years and its getting worse over time..but like a lot of things you get use to it and its just part of life..lol..we bought a mattress s# and spent close to $8,000….after several months the bed was not what we paid for nor was the style the same s showroom floor..thats when I researched the reviews..oh my…if only we had research this company.. we could had saved ourselves the money..thanks again I am become you #1 Fan

  22. i’m going to take a chance. They say that they will refund my if it does not work , will see.
    I agee with you in the antioxidants and the rest of the vitamins and tea that we already take. i bought the four bottles. i don’t thing that only one is going to work. I will keep you posted.

  23. Why is this junk still on the market, unregulated, and a con? Because our government doesn’t care anymore about what we put in our bodies. Shameful product, and shame on our useless regulatory depsrtmens.

  24. You sound very reliable, and I like that you don’t use absolutes and phony bias words.

    I will look for you for more info on this and hope you have some GREAT news someday for all of us that endure this lousy condition.

    To bad not enough Politicians and their families aren’t severely plagued with this, that would be the only way there would be an instant influx and available funds for real and serious research to finding a cure for Tinnitus, don’t you think??Thanks.

  25. Thx for your review. I’ve had tinnitus for over 20 yrs. I am concerned about its affect on brain damage; hadn’t considered that before I saw their promo.

    Appreciate the effort of your research and glad you shared it with anyone who wants to read about it. I haven’t decided yet about ordering the batch offer; may want to visit a reputable nutrition store I trust to get their input.

  26. Kyle,

    I'm 66 yundefinedo and have had tinnitus since in my 20's and on many occasions have considered ending my life because of it. I would like to know if you, as a reviewer, have tinnitus? And if you do, did YOU actually try the product or just go by other people's opinions?
    If I was going to write a review, I couldn't write it unless I personally tried the product first.
    Just saying

  27. I find that most products, promoted by insanely long videos are snake oil.

    I'm a musician, have had tinnitus for decades. It is to the point where hearing is becoming difficult because I am now officially an elder… elder hearing loss is in my family.

    I'm checking out some hearing aids today… 45 day free trial… the total price I was quoted is astronomical… but it will be nice to hear better for those 45 days.

    Thanks for the heads up on this product. I did a search in Duck Duck Go, found the supplement much cheaper… tempted to give it a whirl if I can get a is cheap enough… even $49.95 is too much….


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