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Ring Ease – Scam or Real Cure for Tinnitus? [Truth Exposed]

October 24, 2018

Ring Ease is supposedly some miracle cure for tinnitus… Or at least that is what they lead you to believe. But is it really all that great? Can this 100% natural supplement really "quickly and permanently" cure your tinnitus like you are told? Or is it possible that Ring Ease is a scam that is just going to be a waste of your money?

It is no secret that there are a lot of scam health products out there, many that are claimed to be cures for tinnitus. In fact, I have reviewed several other tinnitus scams on this very website, Tinnitus 911 and Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol being two that come to mind.

It is completely logical that you are suspicious of Ring Ease. Any supplement like this that claims to be a "cure all" and will work for anyone is a major red flag. How can one supplement cure tinnitus for everyone if there are multiple causes of tinnitus? It just makes no sense and I knew after coming across this product that I had to do a little investigating and write a review.

In this review I'll be going over all you need to know before hand. If you were thinking about possibly purchasing this supplement, you are definitely going to want to read over my review beforehand.

Warning: A lot of people promoting Ring Ease are directing them to buy another popular promotion out right now called Tinnitus 911, which is also supposed to naturally cure tinnitus. Do not buy this until you have read my review exposing it for what it really is.

Ring Ease Review

Name: Ring Ease

Manufacturer: Life Now Naturals

Type: Tinnitus treatment

Price: Varies

Recommended?: Absolutely NOT

Ring Ease

What Is Ring Ease?

Okay... Well you probably already know what is, but for those of you reading this who might not be completely aware, what is Ring Ease exactly?... Or maybe I should say what is Ring Ease claimed to be?

Ring Ease is a 100% natural supplement that is said to cure tinnitus for anyone who suffers from it, similar to Tinnitec and Tinnitus 911. Furthermore, it is promoted as a way to "quickly and permanently" cure tinnitus, which is one heck of a claim to make.

Now what exactly is tinnitus? Tinnitus is a term used to describe constant or at least semi-constant ringing or buzzing in the years. Basically it is the perception of sound without there actually being any auditory sound going into the ears. It is your ears playing tricks on you and is actually extremely common.

From the research I have done I have found that one in five people have tinnitus, although in most cases it is not all that bad. I myself have tinnitus, but it certainly isn't to the extent that some people have it where it keeps them up at night.

According to MayoClinic it is often caused by age-related hearing loss and loud noise exposure, but it cannot be caused by a number of different things, even medications. In fact, I even found a study that has found a relationship between people's emotional conditions and tinnitus (stress).

But anyways… The bottom line is that tinnitus can be caused by number of different things and that Ring Ease claims to be a cure no matter what. If this is true then this product really is a miracle. Tinnitus can be an absolutely horrible in life changing condition that some people go for years of suffering from without ever finding a cure.

But does it really work and should you buy it? Well… I'll get into this in a second, but first let's go over the sales pitch.

The Sales Pitch

Maybe you watched the video presentation, maybe you didn't. If you did then this ridiculous sales pitch is probably what led you to be suspicious of the product and ultimately look into whether or not it is a scam.

The video is presented as a "short but controversial video" with David Smith being the spokesperson. Apparently this David Smith guy's father almost burned to death in his sleep due to tinnitus, but of course now he has perfect hearing without any surgery… All thanks to Ring Ease.

The Ring Ease supplement supposedly comes from Psalm "1700-year-old trick" discovered by Buddhist monks.

David Smith claims that his old doctor friend, Dr. Mathers, new some monks that drink a tea which helps with their hearing… And of course this is some natural miracle hearing treatment. In the video presentation he hints that it is all about this ingredient called "citrus maxima", which I found has a more common name of Pomelo.

He tells you that is all about the bioflavonoids that are found in citrus maxima, which are powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation. 

In addition, ginko biloba, Thai garlic, and magnesium are other special ingredients that are supposedly powerful treatments for tinnitus.

David claims that inflammation is the root cause of tinnitus and other forms of hearing loss. He tells you that all stems from the inflammation of the cochlear nerve and of course all of these exotic ingredients are natural cures/treatments for such inflammation.

Some Red Flags

#1 - Sounds a Bit Too Good To Be True

I think that it is pretty obvious that this all sounds a bit too good to be true. I mean just think about it… This guy's dad almost died in a fire, he goes out on a mission to find a cure and comes across this 100% natural cure that is some ancient secret… And of course it can "quickly and permanently" cure tinnitus.

#2 - Some Ancient "Secret"

I've reviewed quite a bit of health scams in it seems that many of them are promoted as ancient secrets that have since been rediscovered and are now being opened up to the public.

I guess the reason for a sales pitch like this is because it is more intriguing and luring. Who wouldn't want to learn about some ancient hidden secret that has since been uncovered? I sure would.

#3 - Hearing Industry Criticism

Another red flag is all of the criticism of the hearing industry. Throughout the video presentation David calls their latest hearing technology a "gimmick" and says that they don't actually want to help cure your hearing… They just want to keep you hooked on their latest medications/products and profit from you.

Now while this may be true to some extent, and I think most people have some distrust for the medical industry, he takes things a bit too far and makes it seem as if everyone involved in the industry is out to get you. He takes a ridiculous approach to things and is doing so to scare you into purchasing his 100% natural cure-all product… Ring Ease.

#4 - Presentation Might Get Shut Down

Of course the video presentation might get shut down at any second. He tells you that the hearing device industry along with the pharmaceutical industry hate this presentation and are out to shut it down. This is pretty much the same sales pitch I've heard from numerous other scams I have reviewed, including Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol that I mentioned earlier along with others such as Diabetes Destroyer.

#5 - Lacking Proof of Claims 

At one point in the video presentation he claims that this natural supplement has helped secure over 21,000 people all over the world. However… If this is true why is there no proof of this ever happening? And why isn't this receiving more popularity?

I get it, I get it… The medical establishment is trying to shut this operation down and keep it hidden. But seriously… If there really were 21,000 people who were cured from this then you would think there'd be a lot more talk about it all over social media.

#6 - "David Smith"

David Smith, who is supposedly the person behind this all, claims to have a PhD in botany from the University of Idaho, a dad who almost died from tinnitus during a fire, and claims to have the most effective treatment for tinnitus on the market.

But who is this guy really? Unfortunately, I have no idea and there is a good chance he is a completely made up character. There is no verifiable information given on this guy during the video presentation so there's really not all that much I can say here.

All I know is that his story sounds a little bit too good to be true and I have come across many scam products that are promoted under fake, fictitious names.

#7 - Exaggerated Benefits

Throughout the sales pitch he mentions all sorts of studies in talks about how the ingredients he came across have been "statistically significant", but this is a bit misleading. What he doesn't tell you is that being "statistically significant" during a scientific study is much different from what ordinary people would call statistically significant. Basically what I am saying is that being statistically significant and clinically significant are two different things.

Some ingredient may be shown to be statistically significant during a lab study, but this doesn't necessarily mean it will translate into statistically significant results when it comes to human treatment.

#8 - The Company that Manufactures It

The last red flag want to mention is the company that manufactures this product, which is Life Now Naturals. More about this company in a bit, but what you should know now is that there is very little information on this company at all… Which is definitely very worrisome.

Are These Ingredients Really That Special?

The truth is that ginko biloba, citrus maxima, Thai garlic, etc. are not nearly as special in amazing as you are led to believe. What's going on here is the creators of this supplement have taken exotic ingredients that not many people know about, nor have in their diets, and put them in this supplement to make you think that you are missing out on something amazing.

That said, these ingredients are "proven" to work to some extent.

What Science Says

Some of what the spokesperson tells you is true to some extent, he just presents things in a very misleading way.

For example, ginko biloba has been shown to produce "statistically significant" results that were superior to a placebo when tested on groups suffering from cerebrovascular insufficiency, which inflammation has been shown to play a role in.

Inflammation is the cause of many diseases/conditions, or at the very least play some part in them, including asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, etc. However, there is very little information linking inflammation to tinnitus in the information that is out there is lacking.

For example, I actually found one study that seems to say that inflammation is good for tinnitus, which is very strange. The reason is because inflammation produces prostaglandins which have been shown to be helpful. In one study, 8 out of 24 patients receiving a synthetic prostaglandin medication showed improvement in tinnitus while the placebo group did not.

But there is definitely a lack of studies in this area and most of what I have found shows that inflammation worsens tinnitus, as you will hear from many people experiencing this condition. Even on arthritis.org they talk about how anti-inflammatory foods are good and even mention Thai garlic as being such, as well as a powerful antioxidant.

When it comes to ginko biloba, I found a pretty interesting double-blind study (link here) of people with tinnitus. In this study 360 people were given 50 mg of ginko extract three times daily for 12 weeks and another 360 people were given a placebo. At the end of the study 34 pull from the group taking the extract said their tinnitus had reduced while 35 people taking the placebo said it reduced… Which means there was no real effect in this particular study. Both groups were claiming their tinnitus was reduced.

I have read that ginko biloba can decrease tinnitus severity when it is the result of cerebral insufficiency, but of course this all depends on the cause of tinnitus… Meaning that it definitely is not a "cure all".

And as far as "citrus maxima" goes, a.k.a. pomelo, there really isn't anything worth mentioning.

What you should take away from this section is that, while some of these ingredients do have the potential to benefit and/or treat tinnitus to some extent, they are not nearly as effective as their claimed to be. The promotional material for Ring Ease it is extremely misleading and only the information that supports the case of this being a "cure all" is given. 

Side Effects to Worry About?

There aren't any side effects that really need to be worried about, although you should always consult with a doctor before taking any sort of supplement like this.

The ingredients are all natural and basically all this supplement does is aids your body as an antioxidant. It is not a drug that is going to produce extreme results in any manner.

The Bottom Line: Does Ring Ease Work?

So does Ring Ease work? Is it worth purchasing?

Well.... This all depends on your particular situation. It all depends on what exactly is causing your tinnitus and the severity of your tinnitus. For many people out there this supplement is going to have little to no effect, unfortunately. That said, it does have the potential to produce positive results for some people, although I would not count on it.

The Company Behind It

Earlier I mentioned that the company behind this supplement was a red flag and now I'm going to go into more detail on this.

The company that manufactures Ring Ease is known as Life Now Naturals, or at least that is what it states on the bottle. The official website for this company can be found at getlifenownaturals.com. This is the only website I can find associated with this company, although there is not much information out there.

On the website it states that the real name behind this company is:

New Life Organics LLC

30 N Gould Street, Suite R

Sheridan, WY 82801, United States

And the return address shown is:

3420 Cavalier Trail, STE E, Cuyohoga Falls,

Oh 44224

The reason I am talking about the return address is because there is another company called Nutrify Health that shares the same return address… And this other company also has little to no information about them.

Thing else worth mentioning is that the About Us page on the official website provides one small paragraph of information that tells you just about nothing at all. It just says that they are a company that is made up of professionals that make natural health products… That is it. That is all we know about this company. And as far as I see they only make two products… Ring Ease and a Turmeric Circumin supplement

So can you really trust this place at all? I mean, I don't know about you, but when it comes to supplements like this that you have to ingest I would like to be a little more confident in the company behind it all. There are a lot of supplement scams out there and when you don't have a third party like the FDA looking over everything you have to be extra careful.

Beware of Fake Reviews

Upon doing my research I came across a number of reviews out there for Ring Ease talking about how great this product is and why you should buy it. However, these are all fake and all the people writing these reviews are just promoting the product to try to make money. This is not unusual at all, and no better how bad the product is you will always find good reviews out there from people trying to make money.

In fact, I can't find a single review out there that seems to be legitimate. Not a single review that seems to come from someone who has actually tried this supplement out. All of them that I have found appear to be quite obviously fake.

Conclusion - Scam or Not?

I don't think I will be so harsh as to call this a complete scam, but I would definitely say that there is a lot of "scammy" activity going on. Ring Ease is a great example of another health product that is promoted in a very deceptive and misleading way. It is promoted as a "cure all" that can  "quickly and permanently" cure your tinnitus but there is no proof of this being the case and based on the ingredient profile, it doesn't make any sense that this would be true.

While Ring Ease does possess the potential to have positive effects on tinnitus, it is definitely not a product that I'm going to be recommending and I certainly do not think it is worth the price. Unfortunately this is just another over-hyped product that doesn't live up to the claims made.

I hope you enjoyed my honest review here and found it helpful. Please share this review to help spread the truth before others buy into this scammy supplement after being lured in with misleading information.

Also, leave any comments or questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. Thanks for your work and effort of informing people about this scam. It convinced me not to purchase this product and taught me to do research before I spend my hard earned money.

  2. Thanks for the info. To good to be true ..Big red flag. Still looking for someone to answer the ringing in my ears!!!

  3. Great article. I’m 60, so I’m jaded in many ways – particularly when it comes to “facts” I read on the internet. Based on what you said and WHY you came to your comment leads me to believe that I can trust your findings and to pay attention to your opinions. Thanks for taking the time.

  4. I have Tinnitus for 8 years. I believe I got it when I flew and contracted a bacteria infection in my sinuses. I was also very stressed. I didn’t treat it with antibiotics until I got the Tinnitus. I’ve tried Tinnitus specialist in NYC, hypnotized with a specialist, acupuncture, vitamins with a doctor in Israel…only xanax helped. What helps me be quiet for two days is when I take a Unison (do not substitute)over the counter sleep aid, and I sleep at least 12 hours, and 80% of the time my head is quiet for at least 2 to 3 days. I believe for my Tinnitus it has affected my central nervous system. The calmer I am the lower the volume. The hypnotism helped me from listening to the noise in my head. When I am at work, I don’t hear the noise unless it is really loud that day. One pill isn’t going to cure Tinnitus. I think you need to find ways in which to manage it.

  5. Hello,
    Your review no doubt saved me from wasting my money on a product that in all likelihood would not live up to the hype. Because I have put up with the condition for many years, the promise of a cure lulled me into not noticing many of the things you pointed out. Your review was thoughtful and fair and gave me the food for thought I needed to make the right decision.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you Kyle. I have ‘on-and-off-again’ tinnitus and your review not only dissuades me from Ring Ease, it indirectly helped me to determine why my tinnitus and the severity thereof is ‘on-and-off-again’. For other reasons I take anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herbal supplements and after reading your review I have correlated my ‘on-and-off-again’ tinnitus with the regularity of taking the herbal supplements. The fact that there is a correlation further suggests to me that most anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herbal supplements can mitigate tinnitus but they are not a cure.

  7. I was absolutely convinced this was a scam after watching half of the video, I have had tinnitus for over 25 years and have seen so many scams. Whatever you do watch out for a company headquartered in Colorado Called “Sound Relief” they want to sell you devices for your ears that cost thousands of dollars and only slightly “mask” the sound with running water sounds. Totally bogus but do a lot of TV advertising here in Arizona. Thanks so much for this honest detailed review.

  8. Thanks for your in depths review. I was almost getting into. Do you have any collections of actual user’s product rating? That would be great.

  9. Thank you for your posting. I found it very interesting and helpful. I would like to point out however, that there were a lot of missing words and half words in your posting making it a little bit difficult to read.

  10. Whenever I hear a spiel that babbles on for more than 10 minutes without naming the product, I become almost certain it is a scam,. Thanks for doing the research I had contemplated and exposing this bogus product.

  11. Thank you for your review. I am an MD with strong interest in nutrition, but not my specialty. After suffering through the too-long promo video I was immediately suspicious. Quick review of UpToDate on tinnitus confirmed no proven benefit for Gindo bilboa in placebo controlled study. I agree “scammy” and would not trust this product- ingredients and definitely not the claims. Good work.

  12. Thanks for the well thought out review. You helped me make the decision to not press the Buy Now! button. Those of us who have tinnitus are apt to jump at something that might make it go away. We’ll even listen to David Smith’s interminable video.
    A friend says tinnitus is actually a small comfort to him because as long as he hears it he knows he’s still alive. If it is ever completely quiet he’ll know he’s dead.
    Like most other conditions, the “cure” is to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, eat healthy, lots of exercise; NO alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, loud music, any stimulation whatsoever, fun, etc.

    1. Doctors say I have one of the worst cases they’ve ever seen. Been about 20 years now. I sat through that long video that seemed to point out every aspect of life itself rather than getting to the point of what the video was for. I immediately googled Ring Ease. I found exactly what I expected to find. It’s a Scam! The really sad thing here is that some of what he said was true. If someone really did find a cure for tinnitus, Big Pharma would likely shut them down. This may have happened already! It’s like cancer. There are cures for cancer. I know this to be absolute fact. What would happen if hospitals cured people of cancer? A lot! They would lose billions of dollars. Big Pharma would go out of business. Tens of thousands of people would be out of work. This is why there’s no cure for anything these days. Death, ailments, disease and afflictions are good for business. You only get treated for what ails you. Never cured. That’s why every other commercial on TV is a drug commercial. So, looking for a cure for “our tinnitus” is like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As long as Big Pharma rules, cures will never be made public. A real travesty for mankind.

      1. This may possibly be true in the USA, but countries throughout Asia and Europe, which are not beholden to “Big Pharma”, have not come up with major breakthroughs regarding cancer or even HIV/AIDS, where they are probably getting pretty close. If and when that happens, the USA will have no choice but to follow and make these cures available, regardless of their considerable impact on the drug conglomerates.

  13. Thank you for this review, I’ve had tinnitus for 40 years and I suppose that I might always have it for the rest of my life. I am not so easily sold on products but wanted to find out more and you sir have enlightened me, thank you.

  14. Since I am a severe tinnitus sufferer I was very interested in this product until I read your article. I probably would have wasted $300.00 Thanks, Randy

  15. Started experiencing tinnitus early last year. From all my research, the real scientific community indicates there is currently no cure. I have read many promotions such as the one for Ring Ease and they all prove to be “scammy”. Haven’t bought anything yet. Keep up the good work. Your review was the best I have found on this product.

  16. Thanks for the review. I am a novice from a medical expert standpoint and value your viewpoint. It sounded a scam product and I believe it is. The am guessing that the major pharmaceutical companies are spending millions to find a cure and have not been able to do so. SCAM IT IS. Thanks for your professional insight1.

  17. Thank you for your thoroughly review. Yes, there are so many scammers out there. We just have to watch out for our hard earned $$. I will definitely stay away from this RING EASE products.

  18. I have listened to so many of these product claims for my tinnitus that I have had for 18 years and it is pure agony. At first I believed and purchased them all. Death was looking not do bad on some days…Taken everything still have ringing buzzing high pitch noise in ears and head! Hundreds of $ for nothing. Let me try this ring ease free and if it works I will pay double.. If this is just a money maker for these people what a sin…Tinnitus ruins lives and some of us will try anything at any price. How sad is that…

  19. Thank you so much for your honesty. Those who take advantage of others who are suffering from a health problem should be ashamed!

  20. Thank you so much, Kyle, for your information! I have suffered with tinnitus for many years & can’t find anything to relieve it. About 2 minutes into David Smith’s video I was saying to myself “just get to the point already!” I really didn’t need to know his background, his favorite TV show or his blood type (I know, I know…he really didn’t offer all of this info but it seemed like it as long as he drilled on & on & on!) Everyone wants to believe there are cure alls for every ailment. It would make our lives much better if they existed. Thank you for proving they don’t & hopefully saving lots of people from throwing lots of hard earned dollars down the drain for nothing!!

  21. I tried to call the contact number. I called to make sure an NSAID was not in the mix due to my allergies. In an Asian language then in English it says the number doesn’t exist. SCAM!!

  22. The moment I started listening to this guy I knew it was a bunch of BS. You just buy regular flavonoid over the counter and it probably does the same thing if not better. I don’t know how people sleep at night knowing Injustice they’re doing to people that’s why there’s a place below for people who scam other people for their hard-earned money that they spent their whole lives working for Shame Shame Shame thanks for sharing.

  23. What a 100% scam. And how hard would it be to get your guaranteed money back??? I bet really hard!!! Thanks for your exposing this.

  24. Very grateful for your review. Although I have no regrets either for having sat through the long winded video from the RINGEASE promoters, since they pointed out many bits of useful information. You however, highlighted in a concise, clear
    and well organized format, the weakly supported claims, muddy
    reliability of the business model and out and out physical and financial risks of purchasing this product. Great work.

  25. Thank you for the information. Is there a natural product out there that you would recommend to treat tinnitus? A product that is known to work and is not a scam?
    Thank you for your help!

  26. Thanks for this in-depth review. I always check out supplement reviews before buying. I’ve had tinnitus for years. I’ve learned to live with the sound of the ocean waves, but when it is loud and high pitched like sirens, I have to do something about it. A product called “Clear Tinnutis” by Clear Products, Inc of San Diego, CA really helps. I know since it is homeopathic, I should take it daily. I am terrible about taking pills, capsules, etc. So when the sound in my head is unbearable, I use Clear Tinnutis for 3-4 days until the sound goes back to the usual ocean waves. I also take magnesium oxide for muscle cramps. I have not noticed that it has any effect on the tinnitus. People who use Clear products must keep buying because the shelves are empty and I ahve to ask for a raincheck when there is a sale so I get a call when it comes in. I have done research on tinnitus and it shows that it IS NOT an ear problem, but the brain getting signals mixed. Mental and emotional stress seems to make it worse. So I’ll continue using Clear Tinnitus until the real cure is discovered.

  27. Kyle, have you tried the product at all yourself or is your opinion based on “it’s too good to be true” comment you made. I really interested in knowing how you based your decision about this product.

    Carrol Hunihan

  28. Thanks Kyle
    I believe ya sound like a straight shooter. Ya gotta keep an eye out for all the BS out there n I think ur on it.
    Thanks Brother

  29. I had a sneaking suspicion that this just one of those scams. For the most part I am not easily persuaded. Thank goodness for that. With your information you have confirmed my suspicion. The video goes on and on and relates that the ingredients are special and can’t be found locally. That is always a red flag for every AD that is out there on the internet about different products that potential scammers are trying to sell that supposedly benefit people with certain health problems.

  30. Thanks for researching as l have had tinnitus for 5 years now and everything I’ve read says there is no cure. Keep up the good work!

  31. Hey Kyle, thanks for taking the time to write this review on Ring Ease. It was very helpful in preventing me from getting sucked in.

  32. Kyle…thanks for doing the research and providing your observations about this product. It does seem to be a complete SCAM. Luckily, the ingredients do not seem to be hazardous to ones health. Good job.

    If you have the time, here is another site that promotes helpful cures for ED. Similar type of video and outlandish claims. Many of we older gents are searching for homeopathic solutions to ED issues. The product is ErectifyULTRA. geterectifyultra.com. Distributed by: (address only) 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112. Claims to have a 180 day return policy. Has three telephone numbers where there is no staff to answer the phones. They ring 5 times and go busy. support(at)geterectifyultra.com receives emails. I did get an automatic response on my first refund request. Sent 8 more emails with no response from the distributor regarding my refund request. Maybe you could do some research on this product and provide another great blog for the unsuspecting buyers. thanks…mblum

    Their telephone numbers: (844) 383-4660; 844-383-4661; 844-358-9019

  33. I did purchase the tonaki protocol. And your correct. It did not help me at all.
    I had paid money for the ring wade and never received the product.
    Any suggestions on how to get my refund

    1. I have fallen prey to this problem also. I went to the Better Business Bureau and they were able to help me get my money back. Good luck!

  34. I have tinnitus I was excited to learn about this product and I’m so glad I came across your review and had my hopes up but of course there’s got to be scumbag scammers out there welcome to America where anyone can scam you and take your money

  35. Hey Kyle, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous.

    Anytime you take any supplement that has magnesium, potassium or sodium in it, you should be cautious as they affect the heart, sometimes in deadly ways.
    St John’s Wort is a prime example of natural having negative side effects or causing reduction or multiplier in effectiveness of prescription medicine.

  36. What really threw me , and I’m very surprised you didn’t mention it, is the fact that they say tinnitus can eventually kill you by making you brain dead. I’m 45 and have bad ringing in my ears. My doctors are great. And they told me the ringing is actually a phantom noise . Like when you lose a limb, but still feel pain for that part of your body. It’s making a noise to make up for the hearing loss. Your brain is trying to make up for the actual noise and sound you are not hearing.

  37. Thank you for your review. Yes, I noticed refences to studies of components, but no study for the product and presentation qualifies for scam. So I wonder if any reputable company like GNC , etc would sell all components mentioned in presentation.

  38. Thanks for your input. I’m onto my third and final jar with no real improvement. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any more.

  39. All videos that take 45 mins of you time with all these sob stories and how lucky we are to get their product and you better hurry. Ecause the supply is running thin and so on and so on.
    What a bunch of crap!!
    Thanks for you effort on the research of scams! I googled it to see if it works like I do everything and sure enough he you are with the facts.
    The video is so fakey a fool would have to order it but they prey on everyone who would try anything to get rid of the ringing or to have their hair back etc.
    David should have won the Nobel prize in medicine then he could invest the 200,000 dollar prize money back into his miraculous discovery.
    Not! Save your money!

  40. tinnitus is an electrical or nerve malfunction in the brain that cannot be controlled I’ve tried everything –had it now for 35 years — my wife just had a sudden massive vertigo –lost some hearing and now tinnitus –she’s worse of than me —now if I put my ear to a running tap for about 10 seconds it goes away for about 15 seconds not much relief then comes back

  41. Thanks Kyle! I have had moderate tinnitus for years and all my research points to an issue with the brain, not the ears, as the cause. $600/year is not terrible to be tinnitus free, but $600 for no relief is robbery!

  42. Well constructed critical article. You didn’t say it was a scam, you just spelled out to us the reader, what to think about, and let us decide it wad a scam. Good job Kyle.

  43. I was ready to purchase this but since I got “burned” over a recent too good to be true item I bought 7 quantities, my family says I am not allowed to order anything over the internet. lol. I decided to research this and came across your review.(they would be so proud of me) I am desperate and would even like to order this to give you a real testimony but I am not rich and don’t want to waste my money. I lost $278.00 on my last order where I got ripped off. So thank you for reviewing this product and I hope someone does find a real cure for those of us that can’t afford too much.

  44. I have used 911 and ring ease. 911 did great but after a few months the ringing began to come back. With ring ease, if I take one sm and PM. My ear ringing only come back once or twice. Like tonight, it is cost quiet. It worked from day one.

  45. I am a consumer. Ordering my second bottle. I had fairly good success with 911. But with Ring Ease I have had but two ringing days. I take one pill at 9 PM and other 12 hours later. Do not eat for 30 minutes after taking the pill. I almost feel normal again. Used to have roaring hurricanes in my ear. Now silent or very small ringing.this is the truth. Not associated with either company. Both work.

  46. I used and studied herbal homeopathic and modern medicines. I choose nature over non-natural and use modern Pharma only when it is difficult to find better. I would not use this product. It’s hugely over priced. Does it have unbiased positive reviews? Does it have positive feedback from someone in the holistic field that I or you respect? Answer – not that I know of and I love alternatives. I wish corruption and chaos were not so prolific in this world. I wish large numbers of people would stop buying the many unhealthy products technologies etc. Until the masses refuse to buy inferior products the market place will not change. Its up to you all of you to refuse to buy inferior products and tech and realize that this world will get better only if we stop accepting things as they are. Your government does not represent you till you; make big business feel your presence in their pocket books and of course agree on what needs changing and we will have a better world in a very short time. I guarantee it. Peaceful change has always been possible. All we need is enough people who care.

  47. My daughter suffers from tinnitus and I am always looking for something to help her. When I first started listening to the presentation on Ring Ease it sounded similar to another informational product with a similar story and the voice sounded VERY similar also, although I cannot recall what product it was. The longer this presentation went the more I felt it was too good to be true. I am glad you researched this for us and validated what I was feeling. It’s like they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.
    The one thing I will say about Ginko Biloba is that if taken with a blood thinner, specifically Warfarin (AKA Coumadin) it can potentiate the effects of Coumadin causing your blood to become too thin. I only know this because it happened to my grandfather and caused him to have a brain hemorrhage. Luckily he survived and lived many more years without any complications from the hemorrhage. Everyone needs to remember that just because something is considered natural doesn’t always mean it’s safe to take, so always check with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any herbal supplements.
    Thank you!

  48. I was skeptical when Smith spoke with a drawl, but is from Idaho…..and said “Me and my dad” although he is a well educated man with a PhD. Either can be explained, but I think they are odd.

  49. How can you claim this is a scam without trying the product? He offers 100% money back after six month if you aren’t satisfied.

  50. Thanks for this info. I have tinnitus due to age. I keep looking for something to help so this was of interest to me. But your review makes sense and I will not waste my money.

  51. My doctor prescribed nortripaline, which worked great but I couldn’t wake up, I was tired all the time. Then he prescribed lipoFlavonoid, which took almost the entire 60 days they say you have to use it in order to get a result. I’m on day 58 and just noticing that the ringing is lower in volume, so I’m not sure whether that’s a result to trust yet or not, or just a good day. Almost bought the Ring Ease but said my email wasn’t valid so I decided to Google it. Found you. Thx for the info. I’ll stay on the lipoflavonoid for now, 6 tabs every day for 60 days, and “hope” it’s helping.

  52. Kyle, this was a refreshing post. Having had tinnitus since 2006, the ringing, buzzing, water rushing noises have not been abated by any of the so-called “cures” But, to those that need a good night’s sleep, I use Advil PM, the night time formula with extra melatonin. It really puts me to sleep for about 4-6 hours and I am grateful for that. When I read some of your followers, I realized that this is very cathartic for “us”.. Thank you so much for your extreme-investment of time into this.l

  53. Thank you for your review on Ring Ease. I was indeed skeptical after a saw the whole video. Can you suggest a product that might help tinnitis?
    Thanks again.

  54. Pleased to see your review of Ring Ease. I watched the entire video, knowing it was a scam, but intrigued as to the punch line. I can’t understand how anyone would believe such a snake oil pitch, but many will, and they will be deeply disappointed. I hope many will have the gumption to do a search and find your review

  55. My tinnitus is so bad at times that I want to put an ice pick in my ear to stop it. I lost my total hearing on my right in 1995 when I moved my stiff neck around. I heard a loud crack and was so dizzy that I couldn’t walk. After tests and steroids the dizziness improved but tinnitus got louder.
    I had gone back to college and all this made it difficult. Now I can’t stand the deafening noise in my head at times, making me desperate for something to help. I figured this product was a scam from the dialogue and the price and saying it had to be ordered right away to get the deal they offered.
    Stinkers to get peoples hopes up. You verified my scepticism.

  56. 15 minutes after I made the purchase, I sent them e-mails requesting the cancellation of the product and a voicemail. I contacted American Express. American Express notified me when they posted the charge and it was days after I had tried to contact them. Could never get through. Received a voice mail they sent the product after I requested them not too. And charged me. I have yet to receive it and don’t want it. What can I do???

  57. Thanks. I have badT from Lyme disease. Doctor has me on more antibiotics. Am taking Stevia and samento and a number of other supplements. Any advice is much appreciated. Dave Houlihan. Ireland

  58. Thanks for the info. As someone watching my mother dealing with tinnitus and hearing loss, it’s tempting to try anything…even when you can’t afford it. I’m glad I did some research and came across your article before wasting my money. Thanks again!

  59. Thank you for your time and work on this. I have had tinnitus for over 40 years. Most likely caused by damage from playing loud music. After gigs, my ears would be ringing so bad that the sides of my head would throb. Snake oil salesmen still exist.

  60. Ring Ease is a complete con. It is expensive and I foolishly ordered a six months supply. After taking it for over 3 months now there hasn’t been ANY improvement at all in my tinnitus. I’m just sorry I didn’t do some homework and read this review before I ordered it.

  61. Thanks for the Great info. I’ve personally tried tinnitus 911 & the Tonaka Protocol. Neither did Anything for my tinnitus. At least with the protocol I was able to get my money back in 3 days. 911 was a total scam and I did not( red tape). I’m now convinced that this is a lifetime illness. Until I see or hear for myself that there is a cure, I will not be investing in any more Tinnitus Cure Scams. Have you personally heard of any new treatments that help?

  62. Kyle, thanks for your well written review of ring ease. I am searching for something natural for my father & I. Ringing ears suck. Almost as much as the taste of Stevia! Ugh! ?

  63. Read your review on Ring Ease, and actually glad I did. After viewing that sites video, and being a above average intelligence person myself, I agree with the parts / areas you spoke about being a cure all, and the rest as having some benefits

  64. Thank you so much. I actually worried that your site was either a paid endorsement or an ad for something else. Both of my worries were unfounded. Keep up the great work.

  65. Smith claims his mother told his father to watch the stove, but according to his narrative the man could not even hear the TV at full volume, and was oblivious to the sound of a fire alarm. A sound he grew up with as a fire fighter. Scam all the way.

  66. I did purchase some but have only taken it 2 days do you have suggestion to take for terrible ringing in the ears. The ingredients are good right wont hurt me please advise what I should do I eat healthy but hate the ringing thanks

  67. Kyle, thank you for your research and review. You saved me a lot of money !!! Thank you so much !!! I’ll just have to keep looking …

  68. I decided to finally make an attempt to cure my tinnitus. I bought a 6 month supply of Ring Ease to maximize the chances of it working because they talked about some people take a significant length of time to get a result. So far I have finished one full bottle with NO change.


  70. I order Ring Ear 11-15-18, called your company to complain too because it gave me very bad head aches. I called your company and the lady told me to return the unused bottels and I would receive my 100% guarantee money back. I did this 1-02-19. I HAVEN’T HEARD ANYTHING FROM YOU. SC27315D61 11-15-18 Please answer this note. Pauline Duley.

  71. Thanks for this Horst review! I have bought into the hype I have had tinnitus for 3 days now non stop and worries it might continue , it is serious enough to keep me awake so I am trying every remedy. Hopefully it will have some effect but it is very costly!!

  72. Thank you for your review which confirmed my decision that I have to return the package. The video presentation was not only incoherent, it was too long. Thnx again. David A.

  73. Kyle: I am 72 and about 30 years a (no longer friend of mine) shot at a grouse while standing directly behind my left ear. I had so much pain I fell to the ground. It to about a month to take the pain away. Since then my left ear rings constantly. Is there any homeopathic out there that can reduce the constant to Bing?


  74. I just purchased this product, Ring Ease, before I read your information. I purchased only one bottle and they go on to tell me that buying six bottles would be cheaper. I clicked the button. They have my card number. I hope I didn’t mess up.

  75. I didn’t see anything in your review that said that you tried this product. I’ve had tinnitus for 20 years and bought this product and within two weeks it’s about 80% gone.

  76. Well all in all they did offer 100% moneyback guarantee up to 180 days of use of the pills So you could get all of your money back in the end and also it was an unconditional moneyback guarantee that was the first thing I checked on let me know what you guys think about that

  77. Thanks for your warning on David Smith and “Ring Ease” I had started to order it and could not back out of the order page once they had my info. Called my bank and stopped my card so I wouldn’t get scammed. I do believe it is a SCAM by the way they keep trying to get you to order 100’s of $ once they have card info. Thanks again for your help in exposing it. You saved me from making a huge mistake

  78. How can one be sure the product contains all the ingrediants? If they claim this is acure for tinnitus dosent that bring the wrath of the FDA to their door ?

  79. Ive purchased tinnitus911 and quietmind plus and both were scams redimind sounds similar in how they try to convince u to buy

  80. “The ingredients are all natural and basically all this supplement does is aids your body as an antioxidant. It is not a drug that is going to produce extreme results in any manner.”
    “And as far as “citrus maxima” goes, a.k.a. pomelo, there really isn’t anything worth mentioning.”

    Actually, Pomelo is kin to grapefruit. It has the same affect on the body as grapefruit. There are medicines, two that I take, that I am not allowed to eat or drink grapefruit as they make the drug metabolize and can cause overdose. The two I take are Lipitor and Tikosyn. BE Warned!

  81. Can you tell me who pays you to make your “independent study?” It’s hard to distinguish between scammers and drug companies trying to silence people who actually have a good product. This in itself will keep me suffering with tinnitus.

  82. Thanks for the review, Kyle. I thought it was very straightforward and unbiased; the mark of a credible analysis. Keep up the good work!

  83. I have tinnitis and I noticed it really kicked off when I had inflamation in my left ear. I have been told that there is no cure. Yes, it is very annoying and know that I will probably have it for the rest of my life. I do believe it was directly related to an infection and not to loud noise. If you ever come across a real cure please contact me by phone as well. 7155772493

  84. Very helpful information that I do appreciate. Many thanks! I didn’t feel comfortable buying the product. However, given the assurance of a 100% money-back guarantee, I did. I will give it one month. Thank you again.

  85. This product contains gingko biloba. There are many potentially negative side effects that may arise from using gingko. If one is taking an SSRI antidepressant, combining the two may increase the risk of a potentially fatal condition known as serotonin syndrome. This is one product you should check with your doctor before using.

  86. Another “scammy” behavior is that the link that led me to their video indicated that the video was three minutes and fifty-three seconds long. After five minutes I left the video playing and opened another tab and searched for reviews of the product (which I only knew by looking at the url (web address), the video had not yet even told what the name of the product was). I eventually landed on your excellent review. I closed the tab with the video after it had been running for sixteen minutes and it still wasn’t finished. I always distrust these slick video presentations that keep telling you how great the product is but take forever to actually tell you what their product is.

  87. Have you found anything to help with tinnitus it’s hard out there they all seem so believable. Would be nice if there was a cure out there.

  88. Thanks for illuminating the uninformed on this product. Those of us who experience tinnitus are slightly more desperate to find real remedies and are likely to let down our ‘shopping defenses’ when presented with the newest miracle cure.

  89. Thanks Kyle. I hope tinnitus sufferers read your review before sitting through what was described to me as “a short video” and 45 mins later, seriously, feeling frustrated to have lost that much time. Yeah, it sounds too good to be true but …. i wish I could stop this high pitched ringing in my ears. It’s always there..

  90. Thanks for your review I have really bad tinnitus it started when I was 14 yrs old I’m now 48 and the noises in my ears are almost drowning out all other sounds I almost bought ring ease but I need to know that what I’m taking works can you send information on medications that will work so I can hear properly again please

  91. Thank You for your research and this web site. I have suffered with tinnitus for over 35 years. I was tempted to get Ring Ease, but decided to google it and came upon this web site. You saved me from wasting my money. Again. THANK YOU.

  92. I bot 3 bottles of Ring Ease first part of Feb 2019. Cost was $177. As of middle of May I cannot tell any difference in the ringing in my ears. Total waste of money as far as I am concerned.

  93. Keep up the good work Kyle. Thank you. Btw, in all of this have you found a product that might help us tinnitus sufferers? Regards

    1. Thank you.

      Unfortunately I haven’t found any worthy product that I would feel comfortable promoting. But if I do I will definitely let everyone know.

  94. Excellent review that seems to be much more balanced than the sales pitch, though the version i heard was his mother not his dad.

  95. I just spoke to the guy that does our annual hearing tests, and he swears by ring ease he said it took only 6 days for the ringing in his ears to stop and he said he has sever ringing!!! He takes the pill religiously daily he also says it’s a bit pricy but well worth the sanity of no longer having the ringing in his ears…

  96. I believed it is the same as Tinnitus 911 which really doesn’t work the way it supposed to be. They have both the same excellent presentation and I don’t want to be victimise for the second time. Folks be careful.

  97. Kyle – it seems you are a genuine researcher about health scams which is reassuring – thanks for the tinnitus info- every thing I read about various ailments always comes down to various forms of inflammation which has hundreds of scams out there – where does one go for just straight I go and talk about treating inflammation? Any thoughts? Thanks Joe

  98. Hi I tried Ginko Bilobo for 12 weeks plus absolutely no result. In fact got worse, have been diagnosed as significant tinnitus. Headaches are worse and sleep is terrible. Saw the video of ring ease and because there is no PayPal option I am suspicious and won’t order.
    Read your post and made me more suspicious. Thanks.

  99. Mr. Smith now has a mother who was a pianist but suddenly tinnitus caused to almost die from the debilitating problem but her son was able to find the exact same extracts and at great cost to himself he put them together for his mother who was miraculously cured after 14 days. Seems this young man has had unfortunate parents.

  100. Thank you Kyle. This David Smith also has a father who was going to shoot himself and a mother who’s brain was failing due to the extremity of her tinnitus. As soon as I got basic info, like his name, I started my own research. Glad I came upon you. All the best.

  101. Bought one bottle, the scam encourages you to make sure to but many at the start. No significant change in my ears. Nada, at least I had ill effects or side effects. Customer service for this company sucks, shipping sucks, and the product sucks. I finished the bottle, you think by now a company would have inquired if I was even interested in another purchase, they haven’t. Because I think they know they are a scam.

  102. Thank you for what I believe to be your objective review of Ring Ease product. I’ll be saving my money for a company with a lot more transparency and whose product has produced clinically significant results reviewed reviewed by properly credentialed health professionals who are above suspicion.

  103. Any tinnitus sufferer like me wants very badly to believe there is a cure. For that reason — despite my skepticism — I watched the Ring Ease sales pitch video in its entirety. Being virtually certain it was a scam, I nonetheless searched on customer reviews (mainly out of desperate hope for tinnitus relief). Kyle’s review here cemented my skepticism, although you were overly kind by not calling it the flat-out scam that Ring Ease clearly is. Keep up the good work and if you do find a legitimate tinnitus treatment, I want to be the first in line. Thanks again.

  104. Kyle, Great review. My only feedback is the #1 veteran disability is tinnitus. The VA research center in Oregon spends millions each year looking for a cure. None to date. I see an outstanding audiologist at the Hampton VA hospital. She had helped me mask some of my tinnitus via apps provided through hearing aids provide by the VA. I have had tinnitus the mid 60’s (Vietnam) and have tried, over the years, tried every “cure” there is (all BS). Per my audiologist, if a cure is found the VA research center will find it and provide the info to the world. I am waiting for that day.

    Thanks again for your review, definitely on the mark.


  105. Hi Kyle

    Thank you for this review.
    I listened to the whole video on Ring Ease….I also thought it could not be true for many of those same reasons you mentioned.
    There is one thing you mention that I question that is you say that his father almost died in a fire. The video I listened to he said his father wanted to commit suicide with a gun. He never mentioned a fire. So I am just wondering where you got that.
    I find it so amazing how this guy comes up with such a story with so many details!

    I am also amazed to see how you take the time to write about this. That’s amazing!! Do you get paid?

    I have the ring in my ears for 32 years now. I deal with it by ignoring it. My hearing is bad in one ear and have to read lips alot and ask people to repeat and or talk clearly. I just tell them my hearing is bad so they can understand.

    Keep positive is my motive!

    Thanks again.

  106. Well, I was so bored with his ramblings I didn’t listen to much of his comments. However, 100% money back was an attention getter. I almost bit. Then I found your post and I have to say thanks

  107. Thank you for your honest review. This saves me a lot of time and money and I only wish more people were as honest as your are. Thanks again.

    Mark Gomes

  108. I want to say something, I have had tinnus for 16 years now. It brought on by monitors(crt) Whistler in ears.I have which knocks the tinnus to bearded levels. I take two pills in the morning of CVS brand “Inner Ear Plus”, I also take it one pill eight later, and another one at midnight right hours after that. I also take one pill in morning of (Walmart) Ginkgo Biloba Extract 120mg (Spring Valley). And I take.about 1/8 of teaspoon of minced garlic in the morning. And my tinnus solution, it knocks down the ringing by 500%, it not complete gone, but bearable. That’s all for now.

  109. I am a ring ease customer who was scammed by the video claiming to cure tinnitus but have to take it for a period of up to 3month before noticing a difference . I know now that it was a technic to sell at least a 3 month supply, I bought a 6 month supply looking forward to a life without tinnitus. I was scammed. There was no notice able difference. It cost me 294.00 to learn this lesson.

  110. Total scam! I’ve been plagued with Tinnitus for years, so I thought to give this a try even though I suspected fraud. Bought a 6 month supply (he tells you that the longer you use it the better the chances of success) with a “no questions, no hassles, money back guarantee”. Received the product, took it exactly as recommended, and…..absolutely nothing! No change whatsoever. In fact, it made me more acutely aware of the Tinnitus that I’ve been living with for more than 30 years.
    So, prior to opening the last bottle, I e-mailed the company and informed them that their product did not work for me and that I would like a refund, as promised. I received an e-mail the next day, cheerfully telling me that I was past the 180 day return window and that they “unfortunately” could not issue any refund. $310 down the drain, literally.
    Total scam!! Nowhere in the paperwork I received was there any mention of 180 days! Replied to their e-mail but of course I heard nothing back.
    Don’t even think about buying anything from this company!!!

  111. Most of us with tinnitus are desperately seeking a cure. Thanks for the Honest opinion. Hate wasting money of something that doesn’t work.

  112. Hello Kyle,
    I would like to share some information with you and send along a sample of what I promote for you to review. I would be happy to give you my website but would like to speak with you personally first to tell you my story. Thank you for your time.

  113. Thanks so much for this review. I listened to that whole entire “almost wanted to fall asleep” presentation of that “ring ease” Nice when you resarch stuff on google, you have ads for stuff like this. I decided to check it out and listen to it. I almost “almost” was going to buy a bottle but decided for the first time in my life, not to jump the gun and actually find reviews. You’re right. So many “alleged” sites claiming it’s a miracle but I can’t find any actual human review sites. I’m going to do way more research. I’ve had tinnitus for almost 20yrs now and I’m about to end my life because of it, so yeah…off to research more. Thanks for your review. (not buying that stuff). 🙂

    1. Wendy,
      OMG… I just read your review of RingEase and I’m so sorry that I’m not closer to you…physically!
      Please call me if you want to talk. My number I 561-504-7779.
      My boyfriend Michael was just diagnosed with Tinnitus and we are desperate to find help to end his suffering 🙁
      I’m heartbroken that he just read his and that more importantly, you want end your life!
      Call me!

  114. I totally agree with the fake reviews, which are really canned reviews, the same material presented at each site. I have ordered the pills and am in the first week. What really bothered me was being pelted with ads during the ordering process for other Life Naturals products. This raised red flags. Have also received numerous follow-up emails, some of them touting further Life Natural products for sale (and not having finished the regimen for the Ring Ease product yet). Regarding side effects, I noticed coincidentally that I was sneezing for several days, a little coughing and a little sore throat, like a cold was coming on. I’ll chalk this up to my body adjusting to new ingredients. If the symptoms persist for another week, will consider discontinuing. The problem of course is that the product info says because it is natural, that there “should be”
    no side effects.

  115. thanks for your opinion I to tried this product for over three month with no reduction in Tinnitus However I was able to get my refund with no question asked which was good have to mentionnother scam out there and the name is HearTech Money back ? but they give you no shipping address.Internet found lot of customers are in the same boat

  116. After reading so many posts, I thought I would post again. My Tinnitus started years ago when I was probably 50. I was doing Falun Gong exercises when I fell down and lost consciousness very briefly. I really didn’t think anything of it. But, I starting noticing the sounds and no one else was hearing them. I concluded they were the sound of God and so I would focus on the sound to meditate or to go to sleep. It worked very well.
    Over the years I sometimes talked about the noise. I belonged to a meditation group and I spoke about the noise describing it as the sound of a buzzing light bulb or crickets in the night. To my surprise no one in the group had any idea of what I was talking about.
    That is about the time I googled and discovered what is called Tinnitus. It seems to be getting worse. RingEase did not work. I spoke to my doctor who gave me no hope. So I am back to meditating on the sound.

  117. Thank you Kyle for your honest review of Ring Ease. Just a month or two now Tinnitus stared for me. I realize there is no magic pill to cure this terrible affliction. I know I am looking at years of therapy to handle this high pitch tone in my head. there is no relief while conscious. What I am wondering is in your personal studies, Which one of these scam pills might actually I best try anyway to help ever so little with my affliction? Like everyone else out there I want to believe. Are there any over the counter products at Whole Foods, or Walgreens maybe to help my body better reduce inflammation, and thus lower the effects a bit? Any suggestions? I promise I will not hold you to any promises……. I just want a suggestion, or even which one of these scam drugs might be less of a scam? If none is the answer than I understand. Again, Thank you for your true comments on these business vultures feeding on medically frightened people like myself. I look forward please to hearing from you even if you have no suggestions. Michael m.reiman@comcast.net

  118. I’m so glad I found a real live review! I’m not as savvy as you but I, too, noticed those fake reviews. If the purpose is to decieve, then one has seen the biggest Red flag of all! On a side note, I’ve noticed that all of these long videos that will not tell you how long they’re going to be always use the words “you see”. I turn it off everytime I hear that phrase. Unfortunately many people like me and my dad t will jump on this just hoping for some relief and that is sad.

  119. Thank you for affirming what I thought, but wanted to disprove because my tinnitus is maddening. Terrible when people take unfair (or sometimes criminal) advantage of fellow human beings who are suffering, especially if hopelessly. Another scam company is called “The Good Stuff”. I was baited by their significantly reduced pricing of an arthritic pain supplement (forgot the brand name) as compared to the original manufacturer’s price. PLUS> “The Good Stuff” company added FREE SHIPPING to their lure. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. After placing my order, the company instructed me to check my email inbox for the receipt of purchase. After a few hours, no such receipt showed up. I returned to The Good Stuff order form (since I had not closed that tab), ONLY TO DISCOVER that my order had been CANCELED WITH NO NOTIFICATION TO MY EMAIL. Immediately, I contacted my bank. SURE ENOUGH>>>the exact price of The Good Stuff’s arthritic supplemental pain relief I had ordered hours prior, which the company had canceled, WITHOUT NOTIFICATION, WAS ALREADY DEDUCTED FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. The ORIGIN of that deduction was from a foreign country…although The Good Stuff’s address claimed to be Florida. Thankfully I had used a debit card and had called the bank before it’s “close of the business day”. The bank shut down my debt card so the fraudsters could not deduct further funds and the bank reimbursed my account, as if no criminal event had occurred. Don’t know if the foreign racketeering thugs got away with their scheme. My bank may have refunded what was illegally stolen from their own insured funds. I notified the FBI, after also discovering comments made on Amazon Review, although I had purchased directly from The Good Stuff. This company has sold via Amazon, with the same scam, not addressed by Amazon, even after customers made their distress known. I contacted The Good Stuff company by phone: a pre-recorded message informed me that the phone number was no longer in service. Had I “done my due diligence” BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, I would have realized the SCAM. The Good Stuff website tabs that explain their legal responsibilities and return of product policies CLEARLY SHOWS HOW THEY CAN LEGALLY DEFRAUD THEIR CUSTOMERS. Had I read “the small print”…online. Duping delight will be mine every time I discover fraudsters before they defraud.

  120. Had I known the name of the product, I would have researched it rather than listening to the whole stupid presentation. Thanks for the verifying my skepticism about a “cure” for tinnitus for which there is no cure.

  121. I am 54 years old and have lived with tinnitus for 15 years. I don’t look forward to living with it for the rest of my life. I watched the video and I saw red flags all over the place but want so bad to eliminate or reduce my tinnitus I was thinking of trying anyways, it just in case. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to throw away and your review has convinced me the chance of the product working is small enough it is not worth the money to try it. Thanks for taking the time to review this product.

  122. Having just finished listening to “David Smith” pitch Ring Ease, I looked for product reviews before relinquishing any of my hard earned cash. There were many available by different authors, on different websites, but all had almost identical wording which made me suspicious. Your review confirmed my suspicion immediately, as you stated the presentation you heard claimed David’s father almost burned up in his bed due to a fire he did not hear. In the presentation I listened to, David’s father is a fireman who nearly committed suicide due to the agony of tinnitus from age and loud noise exposure from fighting fires. I’m guessing “David Smith” thought a hero father would sell more bottles of phony cure than a nearly deaf, sleeping victim. Thanks for your excellent (and cash saving) review!

  123. Of course it is a total scam and fake. None of these ridiculous claims of “trial and error home remedies” work. Even some of these reviews which give a passive subliminal high grade that some people claim have some benign benefit are also fraudulent. I am thinking about promoting cotton candy shoved into the ear as a cure. Why not? Sure to make money. And cheaper and easier to do. As is usually the case, the placebo effect accounts for some of these miracle cures. If you hope it is working then you come to believe it is.
    My wife suffered from Alzheimer’s and suffered from many medical aliments that were pre onset dementia related. As her progression of the disease took over many of these symptoms disappeared. I would hardly call Alzheimer’s a natural cure but one could claim it so if one wanted…….

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