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Is Urgent Fungus Destroyer a Scam? – What You Should Know

June 25, 2018

Urgent Fungus Destroyer it is said to be able to cure fungal infections in seven days or less, but is this really true? It’s not like I haven’t heard claims like this before that were far from the truth. So is this the real deal or is Urgent Fungus Destroyer a scam in one way or another that is just going to lead to you spending more money and still having fungus afterward?

In this honest review I’ll be going over a few important things that everyone should know before buying this product. And by the way… I am not affiliated in any way with this product or company so this review is going to be as unbiased as possible. Many of the reviews I have read online make this seem like the greatest thing on planet Earth, but they are just making it seem this way in order to promote it and make more money.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer Review

There are a lot of different ways you may have come across this product. You may have been referred directly to the sales page, maybe you clicked on a link on social media, or maybe you came across the video presentation that I did that I took a screenshot of here…

In the video presentation the spokesperson, whose name is “James Larson”, tells you that medical and big Pharma don’t want you to know about what he is telling you because it hurts their business. He claims that he has developed this secret formula that consists of all natural ingredients that is proven to work.

According to him, his brother almost lost his leg due to toenail fungus in this is what led him to conduct research in eventually come across this antifungal formula.

James Larson claims to have worked as a medical researcher for over 14 years on some project for NASA, however this is unverifiable. In fact, his entire story is something that I cannot verify. I cannot prove that it is a lie but I cannot prove that is truthful either, and honestly I doubt it is true. I have reviewed many of these anti-fungal products, such as Fungus Hack and Japanese Toenail Fungus Code, and many of them turn out to be extremely overhyped with many lies in their sales pitches.

But anyways… He claims that his background as a medical researcher coupled with his need to find a cure for his brother led him to discover the “most POWERFUL fungus-destroying ingredients on Earth!”… Which of course is what Urgent Fungus Destroyer is.

He claims that this product is so good that even NASA uses it as some sort of protocol to prevent astronauts from being infected and that it can eliminate fungus in seven days or less, sometimes even within 24 hours.

The Company Behind It

The company behind it all is PhytAge Laboratories, whos main product is some anti-aging skin care supplement.

I did some research into this company and found that they have some negative reviews on the BBB’s website from customers complaining about being overcharged, making it difficult to get a refund and a few other things. However I will say that there is nothing really that bad the end that you will find negative reviews for every company out there that has at least some popularity.

I do have some concerns however. I went to the PhytAge Labs website and really cannot find much information at all. There isn’t any information about the background of this company, how long they have been in business, the team behind it, or anything. Their website is basically just one big promotion for their products… Not very professional.

A Look At The Ingredients

As you already know, this product contains all natural ingredients. I am not going to list them all here, but some of the more notable ones included…

  • Vitamin C – Great for the skin, boosts callagen production, helps with healing, etc. Also well known benefits for immune system boosting.
  • Vitamin E – Promotes proper organ function and has well known antioxidant benefits.
  • Selenium – Known for ability to boost immune system and its antioxidant properties.
  • Red Raspberry Extract – Has antioxidant properties.
  • Graviola Powder  According to eMedicineHealth it is commonly used as a medicine to treat bacterial and parasitic infection.
  • Pine Bark Extract – Helps improve blood circulation.
  • Garlic Powder – Boosts immune system among other benefits.
  • Cat’s Claw Powder – Helps fight inflammation.
  • Pomegranite Extract – Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Olive Leaf Extract – Anti-inflammatory properties and works as an antioxidant.
  • Grape Seed Extract –  Helps improve blood circulation and has antioxidant properties.
  • Mushroom Complex –  Strengthens immune system among other benefits.

The first thing that comes to my mind after seeing all of these ingredients is that there is nothing amazing about them. Sure, they are all natural, healthy, and are proven to have benefits that could potentially help your body fight against fungal infections, but they are not miracle workers. Not by far.

If you have a serious case of fungus then this might not be a very good choice for you. You will likely need a strong medication and it this concoction of natural ingredients won’t do much, if anything.

Because these ingredients are very mild, they can be taken as a multivitamin. And while they may be able to eliminate fungus for some patients, they seem like they would be better fit for keeping fungus from coming back after it is already eliminated.

Side Effects?

There is nothing you need to worry about here. All the ingredients are natural and are consumed by people all the time. There is nothing strange or unusual that you have to worry about.

Sure, some people might have adverse reactions, but generally speaking these ingredients are safe and even if you do have a reaction it will likely be mild at most.

That said, it is always best to consult with a doctor beforehand.

The Cost

This product is pretty darn expensive, I won’t lie. The price that you will pay per bottle depends on how many bottles you order. The more you order, the less each bottle costs as you can see…

  • 1 bottle – $69.95/bottle
  • 2 bottles – $59.95/bottle
  • 4 bottles – $49.95/bottle

So the cheapest you can buy is product for is at $49.95 per bottle and you will have to buy four bottles of them, which totals that $199.80.

That is pretty expensive.

Pros v Cons


  • All Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients are necessarily better or healthier than synthetic ones made in a lab, but they are generally. As mentioned above, Urgent Fungus Destroyer has only natural ingredients that are safe for consumption.
  • No Prescription Required – Of course this is nice because there is no need to go to your doctor, although it is always best to consult with them before taking new things like this.


  • Mild Ingredients – This could be considered both a pro and a con. You could consider it a pro because you don’t have to worry about serious side effects or harm, but it is also a con because these ingredients likely will not cure serious cases of fungus infections.
  • Fairly Pricey – Obviously the price of this product is not very pretty. All you are getting is a bunch of natural ingredients, which definitely are valuable, but are they really worth this much? I think that the price here is overinflated to say the least.
  • Ridiculously Over-hyped –  And then of course there is the very misleading sales pitch and sales tactics that are used to lure people into buying this. This product is pretty much advertised as a “cure-all” but is far from being such.

Final Thoughts – Worth Buying or Not?

Okay, so is Urgent Fungus Destroyer a scam and is it worth buying? Well, I wouldn’t call it a scam because there definitely is some value here and this product does have the potential to cure your fungal infection.

But let’s recap for a minute: The product is promoted in a misleading way that would make you think that it is a sure cure to any fungal infection, it is manufactured by a company with little information about them, the ingredients it includes are far from being miracle workers and likely won’t cure serious cases, and it is very expensive.

The question of whether or not it is worth buying is something that you have to answer yourself. I cannot answer this for you because for some people it may be worth the price and for others it may not be. My personal opinion is that if you have a case of fungus that is what you would consider severe, I would consult with a doctor in not waste my money on this product.

Anyways… That is all I have for you. I hope you enjoyed this honest review and if you did please share it to get the word out there. Also, leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 You are also more than welcome to leave your own review of this product below if you have tried it out. I am sure that this will be beneficial for other readers of this site.

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. So I bit and ordered 4 bottles of Urgent
    fungus Destroyer. I took photos of my toes for comparison aand began taking the capsules as directed. Saw very little change in any of my 4 infected nails and at the end of 4 months my toes looked worse. Since the $ back guarantee is only for 90 days- I’m out of luck. This is not an effective treatment- Do Not Buy!

  2. In Spanish they use the picture of children’s books author Richard Louv. I notified Mr. Louv who will be suing these guys behind that “miraculous” product.

  3. If you actually used it you would know that it works and works well so why don’t you find something more positive to do with your time.

  4. Seams like Phytage is a scam company as I purchased 4 months of tinnitus 911 from them and did not have any noticeable improvement after taking it for 4 months even though it was supposed to have some effect within a week. The video on toe nail fungus is the same as the tinnitus video with straight out lies and exaggerations used as scare tactics. There is no doubt that this is a complete scam .DO NOT BUY.

  5. I am from Australia and tried the Phytage Urgent Fungus Destroyer recently over a period of about two months resulting in no improvement in the condition whatever from taking the product which I found very disappointing considering the producer’s significant benefits claim, their lack of any refund provision and, as highlighted by you, the expensive nature of the supplement.

  6. The presentation I saw was Dr Larson talking about how he, himself, about to loose his leg and his granddaughter’s face having lesions on her face!

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