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Is Gluco Type 2 a Scam Supplement? – Read Before Buying!

March 12, 2019

Gluco Type 2 is a natural supplement that can supposedly reverse your type 2 diabetes in no time… But can it really? Or is it possible that Gluco Type 2 is just another scam that is going to be a waste of your money?

I know that there are a lot of people promoting this as the greatest supplement ever for diabetes, but you can’t always trust what you hear. Sure, it sounds great that “you can reverse your type II diabetes in less than 15 days”…statement…and if this is actually true then that is great, but what if it isn’t true?

I have exposed many scam supplements before in the past and, honestly, this one seems to be very scammy, which is why I decided to dig a little deeper and write this review.

If you are thinking about possibly buying into this, you are definitely going to want to read this over first. I will be going over what exactly Gluco Type 2 is, whether or not the ingredients work, complaints and more.

But first let’s talk about the ridiculous video presentation and some of the red flags that probably made you suspicious of this all…

Sounds Good… But There Are Lots of Red Flags!

Gluco Type 2 Video

You probably came across the video which you can see a screenshot of above. The video presentation makes this supplement sound a little bit too good to be true. And we all know what they say about things that sound too good to be true…. They probably aren’t true!

And there are tons of red flags…

Red Flag #1 – “Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and even Big Governement have been keeping all of this hidden from you”

We are told that “big Pharma” has been stealing from us and that this is the biggest theft in the history of mankind…


We are also told that they have been bribing doctors to prescribe expensive medications that don’t actually make you better, but rather make you more sick so that they can further profit from you.

Now I know it is very true that the pharmaceutical industry has a somewhat “less than ethical” reputation at times, but the problem here is that they just want to make the pharmaceutical industry look bad and don’t really offer any proof to back up these claims.

And… I have heard similar claims with many scammy supplements I have reviewed in the past, such as with Diabetes Destroyer for example.

Red Flag #2 – The Real Cause of Your Type II Diabetes Has Nothing to Do With The Foods You Eat..

What the heck are they talking about here?

This is a really dumb statement and simply not true. Type II diabetes has a lot to do with what you eat and this is pretty well proven with science, even by plenty of independent studies that have not been funded by large pharmaceutical companies.

Red Flag #3 – Michael Bradford Doesn’t Exist

Michael Bradford is the spokesperson in the video. He claims that his wife had diabetes very bad and he was the one that finally figured out this “miracle” treatment.

He claims that the pharmaceutical industry hates him because he is actually trying to help people and that this means less money for them.

HOWEVER, this guy is completely fake. When I was doing my research I looked at the disclaimer and found that they state “Michael Bradford is a pen name”…


Red Flag #4 – Fake Testimonials

Also, on the checkout page they show you some testimonials from people who have supposedly been taking this supplement and getting really good results. HOWEVER, I did a reverse Google image search of one of these testimonials and found that the picture is actually a fake…

fake testimonialIt’s a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use online as they wish.

More Red Flags

I’m not going to go over every single red flag but just know that there are plenty of more.

But anyways… Enough about the sales pitch that is full of lies in the misleading information. Let’s talk about the actual product. Does it work?

Let’s find out…

What Is Gluco Type 2?

  • Supplement Name: Gluco Type 2
  • Type: Diabetes treatment
  • Manufacturer: Phytage Labs
  • Cost: Varies
  • Where to Buy: Official Website Here

Gluco Type 2 is a 100% natural diabetes treatment supplement created by Phytage Labs, who is the company also behind Tinnitus 911 and Eagle Eye 911, which are natural supplements for tinnitus and vision that I am familiar with.

Overall the supplement really isn’t as bad as you would imagine based on the very scammy sales pitch, but it definitely isn’t as good as you are led to believe either. That said, it does have some potential to lower blood sugar levels and help with diabetes, naturally of course.


The supplement consists of 20 ingredients as you can see below. And don’t worry if you can’t read this, I know it is small print. I will be going over what you need to know below.

Gluco Type 2 Ingredients

Well… I’m not going to go over every single ingredient, because there are a lot (20 in total), but it will go over some of the more main ingredients that you might not know about…

  • Banaba
    • This herbal remedy can help with your heart health, diabetes, weigh loss and more. It contains corosolic acid, which is the substance that is largely thought to be responsible for its blood sugar-lowering abilities and is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
    • Has been used as a folk medicine for high blood sugar for years.
  • Guggul
    • This has been used as a traditional medicine dating back at least to 1700 BC and is used for a number of reasons, such as to treat high cholesterol, arthritis, skin problems and according to some sources has shown anti-diabetic effects. You might know this particular group of plants better by the names Commiphora and Boswellia, both of which fall under the name “guggel”.
    • A 2009 study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology journal found that a compound in guggul can inhibit 3T3-L1 preadipocytes differentiation, which suggests it can help cure type 2 diabetes.
  • Bitter Melon
    • Another herbal remedy for many things, if you Google the benefits of bitter melon you will find that it is used to treat diabetes at the top of the list. And there is some proof that it can help.
    • One study from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology tested the antidiabetic effects of bitter melon compared to metformin, which is a prescription diabetes medication. In this study some diabetic patients took metformin and others took either 500mg or 1000mg of bitter melon. The results where that it can help lower blood sugar levels but it wasn’t as effective as the prescription drug.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
    • Some of the said benefits of this herb include that it may reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar, reduce heart disease risk and aid in weight loss.
    • A 2010 study from the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that GS is beneficial and did lead to lower blood sugar levels among other good things. In this study patients supplemented 500mg of the herb per day for 3 months.
  • Licorice
    • Licorice is commonly used as a treatment for digestive issues and is said to have powerful anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting benefits.
    • According to the American Nutrition Association, licorice also has antidiabetic effects and this is probably due to substances it contains called amorfrutins.
  • Cinnamon Bark
    • Cinnamon has shown some ability to lower blood sugar but some studies have shown no such ability. That said, it does contain a compound that is thought to act like insulin, which would make sense that it can at least help lower blood sugar levels.
  • Yarrow Flowers
    • Some of the traditional uses of these flowers are to help with gastrointestinal problems, reduce fevers, improve circulation and more. They are often used to make herbal tea.
    • Some information suggests it may help with diabetes but I couldn’t find any good studies to reference.
  • Juniper Berries
    • These are used for everything from pain treatment to treating UTI’s, and of course diabetes.
    • One study conducted on diabetic rats showed significant decreases in blood sugar levels within 24 days, although the dosage was quite high.

And there are also a lot of well known ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, biotin, zinc, manganese and more.

Potential? Yes… But….

So obviously this supplement does have potential. Many of the ingredients are claimed to have antidiabetic effects, and many of them have even been proven to have such effects in scientific studies.

HOWEVER, there is definitely a lack of evidence and another problem is that most of the ingredients are dosed pretty low. Most of the “unusual” ingredients are dosed at around 10 to 50 mg, which really isn’t all that much when you look at how much people were taking in the studies I found.

Side Effects

One of the good things is that there are not any side effects you have to worry about.

I’m sure there might be a few people that experience some minor adverse side effects, but generally speaking all of these natural ingredients shouldn’t pose any threat. That said, of course it is always recommended to consult with a doctor before taking supplements.

The Cost

The cost depends on how many bottles you buy. The best price, the most bang for your buck, is the 4 bottle option in which you get each bottle at $49.95…

  • 1 bottle – $69.95
  • 2 bottles – $59.95 each
  • 4 bottles – $49.95 each

But is just 1 bottle enought?

This is a hard question to answer, but there’s a good chance it won’t be. As I’ve already went over, the studies on these ingredients are limited but many of the ones that are out there are often conducted for longer than one month.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a 90 day moneyback guarantee…money-back guarantee

What I Like and Don’t Like

What I Like

  • Consists of 100% natural ingredients
  • Many ingredients that can potentially attack the problem from many angles
  • No side effects

What I Don’t Like

  • Misleading and deceptive marketing (lots of lies that I exposed)
  • Low doses for many of the ingredients

Final verdict – Scam or Worth a Try?

I would not consider Gluco Type 2 a scam. When I first started looking into this supplement I was thinking it probably was because of the absolutely ridiculous video presentation, however it is not.

It definitely does have some potential to treat type 2 diabetes although it is not the miracle worker it is claimed to be.

Will it work for you? The best answer I can give for that is that “it could help”, but definitely is not guaranteed.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Hopefully this gave you a better idea of what you are looking at here. If you do want to give this supplement to try you can purchase Gluco Type 2 on the official website here.

Take care and be sure to share this post to help spread the truth!

Also, leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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  1. Besides the expense , why not just buy the herbs on your list . You could then make a stronger concoction . One’s a Doctor could be involved in helping with increased herbal strength ?

    1. Nancy, if you find a place where you can buy this with increased dosage, please let me know? But I’d like it to NOT have medical doctor involvement because I don’t trust doctors. Why you may ask? Not because I buy into conspiracy theories, but because of many years of unsatisfactory results! How about we go to the health food stores, buy, measure, and mix our own concoction? It doesn’t sound like it’s that difficult.

  2. But is just 1 bottle enought?

    I wish to point out a grammatical error so you can fix it. You state “As I’ve already went over……”. I believe it should say “As I’ve already gone over…” or “As I already went over…” I’ve & gone go together, and I & went go together, but not I’ve & went. I don’t mean to be nit-picky, but a small error can make one sound unprofessional.
    And you have a letter “t” at the end of the word enough. What’s that doing there?
    “This is a hard question to answer, but there’s a good chance it won’t be. As I’ve already went over, the studies on these ingredients are limited but many of the ones that are out there are often conducted for longer than one month”

    1. Well, Dave, his poor grammar is one of the reasons this review appeals to me, i.e., he’s not a bought and paid reviewer. TO KYLE: My question is why is this a .com site as that tells me it’s about money. Shouldn’t it be a .org, or .edu so people don’t think it’s a “commercial” venture?

      1. Hi Mike.

        Maybe a .org would have been a better choice. I didn’t think into it that much when I chose my domain. .com’s are the most common and easy to remember, which is why I went with this.

  3. I share your sentiment regarding presentation especially since testimonials were in same hand writing. And was really over sale. I appreciate your honesty.. Thumbs up!

  4. be aware of what you buy, Anyone can research an ingredient, and find its results, and put that ingredient written on a label and put it on a bottle, whos to say, whats written is actually in the bottle ? if it doesnt say clinically proven on the bottle, then you have a unknown proven product, clinically proven states what been proven in the bottle and its true contents ,,Anything written clinically proven on the bottle, HAS TRUE CONTENTS IN IT do you see that here on this bottle?

  5. I am wondering what if someone will buy the individual ingredients from supplements vendor (Puritan, Piping Rock, Swanson Vitamins, etc,) where each ingredients can be available at higher dose per serving, will it cost more altogether compared with the GlucoType 2 cost?

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