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Patriot Flex – Scam Product or Fast Joint Relief? [Review]

March 5, 2019

Welcome to my Patriot Flex review!

Can Patriot Flex really get rid of your joint pain or is this another scam product that is going to be a waste of your money?

I don't know about you, but when I first came across this stuff it sounded a little bit too good to be true. It made me suspicious that it could possibly be another scam so I decided to dig a little deeper, to look into it more and really see if it is as good as people are saying.

In this review I'll be going over what Patriot Flex is exactly, the ingredients it has, whether or not it is really as effective as claimed, complaints and more.

Thinking about buying it? You are definitely going to want to read this first.

But before I get into all that, I first want to discuss the sales pitch a bit…

The Sales Pitch:

Now there is probably a lot of different promotional material out there, but the sales pitch I came across started out as you can see in the screenshot below…

Patriot Flex Sales Pitch

At first I was wondering why the heck they were talking about some Pennsylvania coal fire, but then they kind of tied it all together and related it to inflammation in the joints.

Basically they were saying that, like this old coal mining town that has had fires burning underground for decades, the inflammation in your joints is also "smoldering" and can flair up at any time.

And of course Patriot Flex can supposedly fix that. They say it can...

  • Relieves stubborn joint pain
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Even works if you have used turmeric, fish oil, glucosamine, DMSO, white willow bark, emu oil and more
A New Breakthrough That Is Sure to Get Rid of Your Inflammation???

The guy saying all of this stuff, who is named Jeff Reagan, is the founder of Patriot Health Alliance (the company that makes Patriot Flex).

He mentions some new "breakthrough" that has been discovered in which researchers have found that the protein complex NF-kB is the "spark" that "ignites" inflammation.

He claims that too much NF-kB makes your body produce more inflammatory triggers which further increases inflammation.

The key to decrease inflammation is to decrease your levels of NF-kB, but of course you don't want to decrease them too much because this protein complex is important for various bodily functions.

He says that the problem is that there aren't any products out on the market yet that target this particular problem… Except for of course Patriot Flex.

Red Flags:

First off... The sales pitch sounds a little bit too good to be true and is a tad misleading. While NF-kB has been linked to inflammation, this certainly is not the "only" cause.

Also, after doing a little digging around I was able to find that some of the testimonial images shown on the sales page are fake.

As you can see below, these images are just stock photos that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish…


And by the way, I did a reverse Google image search to find out these images were fake, in case you were wondering.

There are definitely some red flags… BUT this doesn't make it a scam.

So without further ado, let's jump into this review and see whether or not this product is actually worth buying…

Patriot Flex Review

  • Product Type: Roll-on joint pain relief
  • Manufacturer: Patriot Health Alliance
  • Price: $20 - $33 per bottle (depends on how many you order)
  • Where to Buy - Official Website Here
  • Recommended?: Not really. More on this

Patriot Flex is a roll-on pain relief product that is intended for use on the joints. It is basically a combination of different herbs that come from traditional European, Chinese and Indian medicine. The mixture comes in a roll-on bottle that is very easy to use.

The product is manufactured by a company called Patriot Health Alliance, which also makes several other different natural health products such as Digestive Freedom Plus and Patriot Power Greens.

Overall I'm not too impressed with this product. It definitely does have some potential to help with joint pain, but is it going to definitely get rid of your pain in particular? Who knows...

How It Works

An ingredient called Leopard's Bane is what you could call the "main" ingredient. This has been used since the middle ages and is what we are told will inhibit NF-kB.

It contains what is called helenalin, which is what is responsible for inhibiting NF-kB.

And apparently this can even completely inhibit it's production...


But we don't want that! 

We don't want to completely get rid of NF-kB!

Luckily much of what you are told is a bit misleading and the truth is that it will not completely inhibit it.

But... Does it REALLY work?

Leopard's Bane is more commonly known as Arnica montana.

At first I had no idea what this ingredient was until I heard the name Arnica. I am very familiar with this and have even personally used Arnica gel before as a treatment for Achilles tendinitis. I do think it could have had some effect but it was hard to tell honestly.

This is commonly used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory but clinical trials have shown mixed results as to its effectiveness.

That said, there is a good study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine that shows it can inhibit NF-kB that I came across.

So there is some "proof", just not as much as I would like to see.

Besides this, there are number of other ingredients in Patriot Flex.

List of Ingredients:

  • Leopard's Bane (just mentioned)
    • Very limited evidence suggesting its effectiveness, although some
  • Suku Marchu 
    • Very limited information on this
    • Supposedly helps relieve pain and stop the deterioration of collagen in the joints
  • Karpuram
    • More commonly known as Camphor
    • Used for irritation and against inflammation
    • Helps increase blood-flow to area in which it is applied, which helps with healing
    • Some limited information that suggests it does indeed have anti-inflammatory properties, such as a 2017 study in Medicines (scientific journal)
  • Boxberry
    • Used as a treatment for a number of different things, inflammation being at the top of the list
    • 2011 study published in Ancient Science of Life found this to be pretty effective at reducing inflammation when compared to Aspirin
  • Eucalyptus
    • High in antioxidants and used for everything from treating fungal infections and bacterial infections to joint pain
    • Have been a number of studies supporting its effectiveness at treating inflammation
  • And more

The Problem:

First off, while all of these ingredients are used to treat inflammatory conditions, such as joint pain, there is limited evidence of their effectiveness.

Second, we have no idea how much of each ingredient is actually included in Patriot Flex. The amounts are not listed and this is a problem. I get it, they don't want the competition to see they are "secret formula", but now we have no idea the dosages.

The Cost

As I am writing this you can purchase one bottle for $33 or 5 bottles for $99, which is obviously the better deal based on how much you are getting.

However, this could just be a marketing stunt, who knows…

checkout page

What I Like and Don't Like


100% Natural - Patriot Flex consists of a blend of 100% natural ingredients. Of course just because something is "natural" doesn't mean that it is "good", but generally speaking it does seem to carry this meaning, at least a lot of the time.

The good thing about these natural ingredients is that you are highly unlikely to get any negative side effects from them. 

Works from Many Angles - I also like the fact that there are quite a few different ingredients that can potentially attack inflammation from different angles. This is good because inflammation can have many different causes, so having many different potential treatments is obviously a good thing.

Easy to Use - And it is very easy to use. Simply roll it on the area where you are having pain. You don't have to get your hands messy or anything.

Don't Like

Misleading Marketing - The marketing for this product is a bit misleading without a doubt. They really over-hype the heck out of it and make it seem like it is some "miracle cure". They also refer to some of the studies in somewhat misleading ways, as I already went over above.

Rather Expensive - And it is pretty expensive. But I guess if it works it is probably worth it.

Conclusion - Is It Worth Trying?

Patriot Flex is a concoction of different herbal remedies that come from European, Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. While they do have potential to decrease joint pain, and can attack inflammation from different angles, there is definitely no guarantee that this will work for you.

It's really hard for me to write a good review because I have no idea the dosages of the different ingredients included in this product. I do see that it contains many herbal extracts, which are ultra-concentrated extracts that could be effective, but I just don't know the amounts.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed my honest review and found it helpful. If interested you can purchase Patriot Flex on the official website.

I'm not going to say "go purchase this right now!" because I don't like the marketing behind this and do think it is a little too expensive. That said, it does have potential as I've stated.

They do you have a 100% moneyback guarantee in place if you decide that you do not like it. However, I have no idea how easy it is to actually get your money back, because often times "moneyback guarantees" aren't quite what the seem.

Agent Kyle

Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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