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Hearing Hero Review – Scam or Worth The Price?

July 26, 2019

Hearing Hero is a low-price hearing aid that is marketed as being some amazing product, but is it really? Or is it just another scam product that is going to be a waste of your money?

With all the hearing related scams out there, such as all the tinnitus cure scams that I've reviewed like Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol and shady products like Tinnitus 911... it's no wonder why people are suspicious of this being a waste of money as well.

I first came across the product after receiving an email about it and then decided to look into things further... and I'm glad I did.

There are some reviews you can easily find on Google but the problem is that it seems most of these reviews are just trying to make money promoting the product... which is why I felt the need to write this review of Hearing Hero.

If you are looking for an unbiased opinion of Hearing Hero then keep reading. Enjoy...

What Is Hearing Hero?

  • Product Name: Hearing Hero
  • Type: Hearing aid
  • Brand: TrekFirst LLC (the company behind it)
  • Price: Starts off at $149.99 per device
  • Recommended?: Not really
  • Where to Buy: Click Here
  • hearing hero


    Hearing Hero is an affordable hearing aid that offers all the basic features and necessities that you absolutely need in a hearing aid, but lacks in certain areas.

    If you are looking for something cheap and basic, this could be for you... although there are some serious concerns I have after conducting my research which is why I'm not recommending it to my readers.

    Claims Made

    Hearing Hero was supposedly designed and engineered by engineers who worked in the space and aircraft industries. They say that these engineers worked with companies that dealt with "super-high-quality miniature electronics"... making the transition to designing hearing aids an easy choice.

    Some of the claims made about this product in the promotional material are that...

    • It is "super comfortable"
    • The sound is loud and clear
    • The battery lasts a long time--supposedly over 500 hours
    • Doesn't interfere with phone calls

    BUT, as I'll go over in the complaint section... these aren't all entirely true and you have to take what you hear in the sales pitches with a grain of salt.

    How They Work

    Hearing Hero works like a lot of hearing aids you will find on the market.

    First there is a microphone that picks up sounds. Then an amplifier makes these sounds louder and the sounds are processed digitally based on settings that you have adjusted. During this process there is also noise cancellation going on to reduce background noise that you don't want to hear. Lastly the sound is transmitted to the ear piece where you will hear it.

    Hearing Hero is what you call an 'over the ear' hearing aid... because... well, it sits over your ear. The unit sits behind your ear and then there is a clear tube that runs over-top of the ear and into your ear canal... so if you are looking for something discreet you are looking in the wrong place.

    Features & Specifications

    DSP - This stands for 'digital signal processing'. Basically what this means is that the sounds entering the microphone are converted into digital codes and then amplified based on settings made to the hearing aid.

    Noise Cancelling - This is a must. They pick up all noise but do not amplify "junk noise", which would consist of wind blowing on the microphone, rubbing, etc.

    Adjustable Amp - As is absolutely necessary, you can adjust the volume of these hearing aids.

    N & T Options - These are 2 options you have where you can adjust the base and treble sounds. Adjusting this can be good for certain situations. You will likely want to switch between settings if you are in a quite library speaking to someone vs being at a rock concert.


    The only adjustable controls you have are the volume and the N & T options discussed above. These you can change to your liking manually. As for noise cancellation and such, this is all out of reach to the user.


    At the time of this review they offer a discount starting off at 35% if you order one Hearing Hero. This discount then increases to up to 55% off the more you order.

    • 1 Hearing Hero = 35% discount = $149.99
    • 2 Hearing Heros = 40% discount = $276.99 ($138.50/unit)
    • 3 Hearing Heros = 50% discount = $346.99 ($115.66/unit)
    • 4 Hearing Heros = 52% discount = $443.99 ($111/unit)
    • 5 Hearing Heros = 55% discount = $519.99 ($104/unit)

    Obviously buying more gives you the best deal... but who on earth is going to need 5 of these?

    This "discount" could just be a marketing stunt. They might never actually sell at "full-price".

    *All orders are available with free shipping.

    Lifetime Protection Offer

    You also have the option of paying an extra $15 for lifetime protection, which means you product is covered under warranty for life. However, I'm a bit hesitant to believe they will hold up their end of the bargain with this offer... and you will see why when I go over the complaints.



    Who Is Hearing Hero Best Suited For?

    While not every hearing problem can be remedied with a hearing aid, a lot can.

    Sensorineural hearing loss is the first kind of hearing loss and this is when the hair cells of the inner ear that are responsible for detecting sound are damaged, when the nerve is damaged that runs from the inner ear to the brain, or when there is a combination of both going on. There is no pill or surgery that can fix this kind of hearing loss, but if you still have some hearing then a hearing aid can often remedy this by amplifying the sound.

    For those with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss a standard hearing aid like Hearing Hero may do the trick. But if your hearing loss is severe then a more powerful hearing aid may be needed.

    The other type of hearing loss is called conductive hearing loss. This kind comes from fluid, tissue, or bone that is creating a blockage and isn't letting sound in as it should. This can happen in any part of the ear, not just the ear canal.

    This kind of hearing loss can often be treated by surgery but often times hearing aids can still do the trick.

    The first thing that you might want to do is check in with a doctor and try to find out what type of hearing loss you have in the first place and ask if hearing aids can help.

    *Here is a great article on the types of hearing loss if you are interested in learning more.

    Do you need a prescription?

    No, there is no need for a prescription from your doctor. Anyone can purchase Hearing Hero on their own.

    Will you hear better right away?

    Yes. As soon as you turn Hearing Hero on it will begin to amplify sounds so that you can more easily hear.

    However, it will take some time to get used to, as it will with any hearing aid.

    Will insurance cover the cost?

    This is dependent on what insurance provider you have and your plan, but most times hearing aids are not covered, especially if your hearing loss is not severe.

    You are always able to give them a call and find out however, which is what I'd recommend if you are looking to buy.


    Shipping Time

    On the website they state that "delivery will take up to 30 days", as you can see here...


    Now they could just be stating that it will take "up to" this long to cover their butts in case something would delay shipment, while normally it could ship much faster, but I'm a bit unsure.

    The company is based in New York but there is always the chance they are shipping from some country far away (they more than likely are--I'll go over this).

    Return Policy

    The return policy (which can be found on the TOS page) is a bit strange. You are able to get at least a partial refund within 45 days whether you have a RMA or not, but the strange thing is that the only way to get a full 100% refund is to have a RMA and return the item between 22-45 days after purchase...


    If you return the Hearing Hero in 21 days or less you are hit with a 10% "early return fee"... how absurd is that?

    Lack of Company Info

    Hearing Hero is sold by a company called TrekFirst, LLC which is headquartered at the address:

    56 West 45th Street
    Suite 1001
    New York, NY 10036


    They can be contacted via phone or emails at:

    • +1-800-405-8934
    • custsupport@buyhearinghero.com

    All seems good right? They are located in the USA and provide both email and phone support.

    The problem is that there is almost no information on this company. They are not registered with the BBB or anything like that and even on their "About" page they really don't tell us much of anything. Correction: they don't tell us anything.

    One thing that is obvious to me is that the company is very small. As listed above, their address is a single suite in a building in New York.

    Upon digging a little deeper I found that they are registered in New York and the initial filing date was just towards the end of 2018. So they haven't been around long either.


    You can see above that the address they are registered at is different from the address they list on their website. I'm not sure the reason for this but it could be that they changed addresses after registration, which happens all the time.

    Lack of Proof Backing Claims

    There is absolutely no proof that I can find of these hearing aids having aircraft-grade electronic parts nor of them being made by a team of engineers who used to work in the aircraft and space industries.

    These claims seem like they could be made up... but I have no proof of this being true either.

    Customer Reviews/Complaints

    Finding real, genuine customers reviews proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Of course on the website they show a bunch of reviews from people who are praising the product, but I like to look for reviews from more unbiased sources.

    I couldn't find all that much, but there were some reviews on HighYa that I came across, and altogether things aren't looking too good.

    At the time of me writing this there are only 4 reviews total... and out of these 4 only 1 is positive. To make matters even worse, this positive review (shown below) seems like it could very well be fake. It just seems overly positive and unrealistic...


    I've reviewed many products in the past and always look at customer reviews. There is always the problem where you can't trust every review you read... because reviews can be fake. And based on my better judgement this seems like a fake review to me.

    It also doesn't even make much sense. The person is basically claiming it's a fix for tinnitus sufferers, but the reality is that hearing aids will not help with tinnitus.

    Most of the reviews are negative..

    The review shown below comes from a person who received their Hearing Hero hearing aid NEARLY 1 MONTH AFTER BUYING... which didn't give them much time before the trial period ran out.


    I guess this answers my concern about shipping times. It seems that the shipping time really can take up to 30 days, which brings up the question... where the heck are they shipping these from?

    There also seems to be a bit of trouble trying to get the company to honor their refund policy. The complaint shown below is from someone who attempted a return and it seems that the company kept delaying the process...


    *Note: You can also see that the person above claims they are "very large and uncomfortable", which contradicts the claims made of it being comfortable and small. That said, this is expected since not everyone's ears are shaped the same nor are they the same size.

    And then the last review was from yet another customer who was experiencing long shipment times.


    Overall the customer reviews (the ones that actually seem to be real) don't paint a very pretty picture of this company. 

    As for the hearing aids themselves I haven't found much negativity. Most of the negativity comes from the company and how they treat their customers.

    Is Hearing Hero a Scam?

    I do not see any reason to call this a scam, although there are others calling it such.

    What seems to me to be going on here is there is a very small no-name company trying to make as much money as possible and they can't really keep up with business. There is a lack of customer support, shipments seem to be coming from oversees instead of the company storing in the US and shipping from here, and so on.

    While it may be somewhat of a shady operation and the product isn't as good as it is said to be, I wouldn't call it a scam.

    Pros v Cons


    • Very affordable
    • Has all the necessary features
    • Money-back guarantee


    • Not discrete
    • Lack of color choices
    • Will not fit everyone perfectly
    • Long shipping times 
    • Little info about company
    • Strange return policy
    • Refunds may be hard to obtain

    Hearing Hero vs Alternatives

    There is no proof that Hearing Hero is as amazing as it is claimed to be. There are no studies proving its effectiveness and no tests comparing it to other more reputable hearing aids.

    And... the company lacks reputation.

    The main reason to purchase such a hearing aid is because of price. It is cheap and affordable... but... as the saying goes... you get what you pay for.

    If you buy Hearing Hero you are getting a hearing aid that...

    • Is from an unreputable brand that has almost no information about them
    • Is likely being shipped from China or another far away country
    • Comes with a shady return policy that seems to be geared to not let people get a good refund
    • Is not going to be form-fitted to your earn
    • And that will be painfully obvious for onlookers

    Conclusion - Worth The Money?

    I will not be recommending this product to my readers due to unbacked claims, over-hyped marketing and the fact that the company doesn't seem very trustworthy. That said, you can purchase Hearing Hero on the official website if you are interested.

    Don't fall for the hype that these hearing aids are as good as those that cost thousands of dollars. As I've said, you get what you pay for.

    My Suggestion: If you are looking for low cost hearing aids then look on Amazon. There are plenty of them that are even lower cost and look more trustworthy. 

    I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Hopefully it gave you a better idea of whether or not Hearing Hero is a good choice for you.

    Agent Kyle

    Kyle is the founder and chief editor at HealthBuster.org. He takes pride in providing truthful product reviews to warn the public of potential waste of money products and scams.

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    1. Yours is the only review website that seems honest to me. Great review. Before I read yours I was close to purchasing the HearingHero aids. Thanks

    2. Thanks for the reviews on hearinghero. I’ll continue looking. Can you suggest a reasonably good low cost hearing aid. I’m not loaded with cash. I also believe in healthy lifestyle as you do. bravo

    3. well I have the hearing hero product and although it may not be as good as the 2500 dollar one I had, it did cost only 200 bucks and it does amplify so I can hear much better, that’s the bottom line for me. It does not break the bank.The real rip off schemes out there are the main players who charge thousands to hear something.I just forgave a loan to an african friend of mine for 10,000 dollars and he is building a beautiful stone house for a very deserving african mother. A beautiful house for the cost of three hearing aids!

    4. In my experience. I consider the Hearing Hero hearing aid to be a scam. Please save your money. I ordered one hearing aid in February 2020. I tried it and returned it within the 45 days requirements because it wasn’t what i expected. I asked for my refund but .after calling several times they finally said that they had sent me the refund. As of today 7/01/20 I am still waiting.


    5. Hello Agent Kyle.
      I sure wish l had read your review before purchasing these devices. My wife is 71 and l am 75, my wife has trouble hearing so l ordered the hearing aids on July 1st 2020 here it is August 8th 2020 and we still have not received them, l have called them on numerous occasions but never have been able to speak to anyone l have left message after message l have emailed them 5 times and still no response. l contacted my bank as when l ordered them for $249.00 they took my money instantly, l have asked my bank to get my money back.
      Guess you were right, you get what you pay for. l think this is a scam just sorry l fell for it.
      Thank you for your information.
      Roy Snowden

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